Netflix fans declare it’s ‘about time’ after major announcement on most-streamed show
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 07
The Night Agent is back in production (Picture: SIVIROON SRISUWAN/NETFLIX)

fans are celebrating as The Night Agent has officially confirmed it’s in production.

A staggering 812 million hours were consumed of the first season between its release on March 23 and the end of June, making it in their so it’s no surprise it’s back (although, ).

The start of filming was teased with a shot of their lead actor Gabriel Basso, who plays FBI Agent Peter Sutherland, posted on Netflix’s official Instagram and Twitter accounts.

He was holding a clapperboard that informed followers series two, episode one had begun, while scolding at the camera. The second slide was a short video of Gabriel, 29, flying in a helicopter and looking out at a city landscape.

The ten episodes of the first season were available to watch from March last year, and so some viewers are gagging for the next instalment.

Gabriel Basso will return as Peter Sutherland (Picture: DAN POWER/NETFLIX)

They made their feelings clear with comments on the social media announcement.

‘Can’t wait to see Peter Sutherland back in action! Who’s with me??,’ wrote Dammy Dance.

‘O M G. I’m so so so so excited,’ typed Garcia Jaidyn.

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Rose Larkin and Peter Sutherland have great chemistry (Picture: DAN POWER/NETFLIX)

Viewer Ray Barrac said ‘finally the series i’ve been waiting’ which was liked over 500 times, ‘About time’ added Whaz khan, while Wilson declared ‘Finally! Can’t wait’ on X. Basically, the general consensus is a lot of people have been waiting for this for a long time, and hope they get filming finished as soon as possible.

If you haven’t yet watched the thriller series, it follows Peter, who finds himself plunged into a vast conspiracy about a mole in the government.

To save the nation, he must find the traitor, while also protecting former tech CEO Rose Larkin [Luciane Buchanan] from the bad people who murdered her family members.

The Night Agent’s first season is available to stream on Netflix.