Netflix viewers can’t help but take a bite as bakery documentary climbs the charts
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 16, 2023 - 09:51PM
A documentary about a beloved bakery has been flying up the Netflix charts (Picture: Omar Marques/SOPA Images/Shutterstock)

A new documentary about has of viewers this week as they dream of .

First opened in Newcastle all the way back in 1951, the bakery chain has been keeping for more than 70 years.

Now, the 45-minute documentary Greggs: What’s Really in It?, which originally aired on , has teased viewers who tune in that they can find out about the bakery’s ‘inner workings’.

Released on the streaming platform last week and quickly becoming one of the most popular watches, it is presented by former MasterChef and I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! star .

Offering up secrets about the company and its range of treats on offer, one revelation is that factory works are kept in the dark about what ingredients are in the signature seasoning for sausage rolls, or why exactly the chicken bake is so creamy.

However, viewers are told that a mixing technique called high-shearing helps to create the chicken bake’s sauce blend and the white sauce of the chicken bake is souffled.

Greggs: What’s Really in It? is presented by Grace Dent (Picture: Netflix)

Meanwhile those tuning in also find out that each sausage roll contains exactly 96 flaky layers, while each bake also has a different marking on the top so employees can tell what’s inside before popping it on the counter.

While a steak bake has diagonal slashes on its crust, the chicken bake has wavy lines.

Meanwhile one of the chain’s managers also offered customers a handy tip that if they can ‘spot the injection site’ on a donut, that’s the side where they should take a bite as it’s where ‘the filling will ooze out’.

It offers up secrets behind treats including the famous sausage rolls (Picture: Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Plenty of people expressed their surprise at seeing a documentary dedicated to Greggs on the streaming platform, but it clearly didn’t stop them from investigating further.

‘Rather amused to see there’s a Greggs documentary on Netflix,’ Andy Haigh posted on X, formerly Twitter.

‘You know you;ve got a hangover when you’re watching the Greggs documentary on Netflix,’ user Leon wrote.

The bakery was first opened all the way back in 1951 (Picture: Carl Court/Getty Images)

Many people were left with rumbling stomachs after watching too.

‘I’ve just finished the Greggs documentary on Netflix and now can’t stop thinking about pastry bakes!’ one viewer shared.

‘Idk the point of this Greggs Netflix doc. But as I say that I want a Greggs sausage roll rn,’ someone else admitted.

Meanwhile Ryan Love pointed out what many must have been thinking.

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‘Netflix is such a funny platform. They can spend a fortune on content, but then you get Grace Dent’s Channel 5 show about Greggs in the most watched list all week.’

For those wanting to take their love for Greggs one step further, there is for £100,000.

With 2000 Greggs bakeries nationwide, this specific one is located in Gateshead, near Newcastle, Tyne and Wear.

While the owner will have to obviously have to run the store, the option of having baked goods nearby each day is also a tempting thought.

Greggs: What’s Really in It? is streaming on Netflix.