Nintendo issues indirect warning following Splatoon 3 NSFW stream takedown
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 13, 2022 - 08:35PM
Splatoon 3 – the offending YouTube livestream was deleted before it even finished (pic: Nintendo)

No official statement has been given, but appears to be aware of the indecent Splatoon 3 livestream ran by Japanese VTubers.

Everyone knows how protective Nintendo is with its properties, so much so that it doesn’t even like people making non-profit fan-games with its IPs.

So, it’s hardly surprising that it seems to have taken umbrage with a certain livestream that was held not too long ago.

Long story short, a group of Japanese VTubers found themselves in hot water for streaming a gameplay session via YouTube that featured NSFW content.

You may be wondering how on earth somebody could insert inappropriate content into Splatoon 3 without the use of hacking. Well, it didn’t involve any tampering with the game itself.

What those participating did was, as they were streaming online matches, chroma key the opposing team’s ink colour, making it transparent. That way, they could superimpose NSFW images and videos where the ink would be.

Said livestream has already been taken down since that alone violates YouTube’s guidelines. In fact, according to , one of the streamers had their account deleted mid-stream.

Apparently, this was even the aim behind the whole idea, with the teams competing to cover their opponents’ NSFW ink with their own untampered ink and see whose channel would be deleted first for showing inappropriate content on stream.

Nintendo itself hasn’t issued an official statement on the matter, but it did recently publish a tweet to reiterate its own guidelines regarding the use of its copyrighted content.

‘Use that violates public order and morals, acts that intentionally mislead the rules of the game, acts that significantly damage the value of the game or characters and the world, and acts that encourage or take advantage of them will be deleted or legally enforced,’ it reads via Google Translate.

Given the timing, it’s safe to assume that this is in relation to the Splatoon 3 incident and is essentially a warning to anyone else with similar ideas that they could face legal ramifications.

Meanwhile, the VTuber group responsible, known as Sinsogumi, has issued an apology for the livestream, saying ‘We deeply apologise to everyone involved, including the viewers who were watching the distribution.’

Splatoon 3 is available for Nintendo Switch.

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