Oscar-nominated actor, 47, favourite to become new James Bond
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 08
Could this be our next James Bond? (Picture: Getty Images)

We could be getting another Irish as is reportedly to take on the legendary role.

Cork native Cillian, 47, has had a whopper of a year with his role in Oppenheimer, which has earned him an Oscar nomination for the 2024 .

But he was building up his fan base and proving his talents as an actor long before that, from to Red Eye, and The Wind That Shakes The Barley.

Now it seems the star could be taking on his biggest role yet: 007.

A source claimed has been keeping a close eye on Cillian over the last year as his career explodes, and could be interested in using him to ‘elevate the Bond franchise’ even further.

‘Cillian is the toast of Hollywood right now and this would be the ultimate role,’ they told.

Bond bosses have reportedly been keeping a close eye on the actor over the last year as he appeared in Oscar-nominated Oppenheimer (Picture: AP)
Daniel Craig left big shoes to fill (Picture: Eon/Danjaq/Sony/Kob)

‘This is a way to elevate the Bond franchise with an actor who is at the very top of his game.’

Clay Bunker, who starred alongside Cillian in Oppenheimer, said the actor would ‘fare beautifully’ in the role, as even though he is ‘the nicest human’ he also ‘has that dark side and there’s a darkness to Bond.’

‘Cillian has that ability to tap into that,’ they added.

Well he does look good in a suit… (Picture: Getty Images North America)

And Oppenheimer director Christopher Nolan previously tipped that one of the cast members could make a great Bond, telling the Happy Sad Confused podcast it would be an ‘amazing privilege’ to direct a Bond film – but only 

Christopher was approached to make the next 007 film following the release of Skyfall, but the follow-up Spectre ended up being directed by 57-year-old American Beauty filmmaker Sam Mendes.  

Fans still have a while to wait before learning who will take over the role from Daniel Craig, who played the spy from 2005 to 2021, as production isn’t due to start on the next film until late next year.

There have been more names in the running for the next Bond to keep track of however, with Aaron Taylor-Johnson emerging as the frontrunner in recent months.

Michelle Keegan and Jodie Comer were also reported to be neck-and-neck for the title of next Bond Girl, roles previously taken by the likes of .