Panel in shock as Maypole revealed to be girl band icon on The Masked Singer
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 04
Maypole has been revealed! (Picture: ITV)

Another celebrity has been revealed on – and we are shook!

Panelists , , , and were left wide-eyed when the identity of Maypole was unveiled in of the series.

Taking off the epic costume to show all along, the judges were stunned to discover of the Pussycat Dolls.

Initially, the panel had thrown a range of names out there, certain that Maypole had to be a girl band member – so close, yet so far!

Speaking to host Joel Dommett after having her anonymity lifted, US star Melody dissected her clues after the panel voted to save Eiffel Tower when she landed in the bottom three alongside Dippy Egg,

Judges Rita Ora and Davina McCall both thought it could be a former Pussycat Doll member, but they wrongly opted for Kimberly Wyatt and Ashley Roberts respectively.

Melody Thornton is Maypole! (Picture: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock)
The Pussycat Doll wowed everyone with her vocals (Picture: ITV)

Rita said once she found out: ‘Hearing your voice and tone, of course it’s you!’

Davina said she had leaned towards it being a member of the girl group due to the character’s dancing abilities.

Melody, 39, thanked her for the compliment as she revealed she was the only one in the group who was not a trained dancer or singer, describing how she got into the ensemble as a ‘Cinderella story.’

She also poked fun at the panel for how her previous ‘clue song’ was Sweet Melody by Little Mix, meaning she was literally singing her own name.

Reflecting on her time as Maypole, she added: ‘She’s such a sweetheart, it’s been fun.’

Speaking in a post-reveal Q&A, Melody said of her decision to do the show: ‘I think that the thing about this show is that it’s all positive. You actually just get to have fun, and it’s been lovely bringing this character to life!

‘What I’ve enjoyed most is that Maypole is so positive. She’s cheering for everybody else. I wrote a whole biography for my character. She’s not far off a female Pinocchio. So, there’s this part of her that wants to be loved and she’s draped in all of these colours. I just wanted to see her go far.’

Melody added that ‘the worst thing about performing in the costume was sometimes the harness for the head would slip and end up over my eyes.’

On the potential reaction to her unmasking, she said: ‘Who do I think will be most surprised in my identity as revealed? Oh, that’s a good question.

‘Maybe people that are diehard Melody fans and those people that are like, “You can do no wrong!” And they’ll probably be upset, I’ve been unmasked, but don’t be upset. It’s been fun!’

So far this series, we’ve had plenty of surprises.

Our first unmasking waswith the 83-year-old music icon the distinctive voice of Weather.

Second to be eliminated was Chicken Caesar – they were none other than who had everyone fooled.

Next up was Rat in one of the most chaotic reveals the show has ever seen.

She had the whole panel fooled (Picture: ITV)
Melody said she loved how ‘positive’ The Masked Singer experience was (Picture: Allison Dinner/EPA/EFE/REX/Shutterstock)

was underneath, causing uproar in the studio after names like Alex Scott were initially thrown around.

After that came the reveal of Bubble Tea, whose identity shocked one panel member in particular.

Totally oblivious, to the fact that her former co-star and on-screen daughter was right in front of her, guest judge Jennifer Saunders got the shock of her life as took off her mask.

And last week we had the mother of all shocks when proved herself to be the star underneath Owl’s costume.

Most recently alongside Melody’s reveal, Long Lost Family star Davina was reduced to tears when colleague of 13 years Nicky was unveiled.

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Reflecting on how surprised she was after his reveal, the presenter said: ‘Oh, she was emotional. I was emotional at the end doing the song again. It was incredible.

‘I was emotional all the way through just trying to see her through the mask. Each performance, I could just sort of make her out, and I was thinking, “it’s so near, yet so far away!”’

The numbers are fast dwindling as this year’s final creeps closer, but who will be crowned winner of The Masked Singer 2024 and, more importantly, which celeb will be revealed next?

The Masked Singer continues Saturday on ITV1 and ITVX.