Philippa Northeast Age: A Royal Runaway Romance Actress Wikibio, Height, Career and Net Worth
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Philippa Northeast, an Australian actress who is 28 years old, most recently appeared in the Hallmark movie, A Royal Runway Romance, in which she played Princess Amelia.

Philippa Northeast and Brant Daugherty are the leads in the brand new independent movie, titled A Royal Runaway Romance.

The film follows Princess Amelia of Bundbury as she prepares ready to succeed her mother Ava (Sarah Jane Redmond) as queen when she retires in one year. The film had its debut on April 9 as part of the network’s “Spring Into Love” programming event.

Philippa has spent the better part of the last two decades working in the film industry.

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Quick Facts About Philippa Northeast

Name Philippa Northeast
Birthday 23 September 1994
Age 28 years as of 2022
Birth Place Australia
Nationality Australian
Marital Status Single
Profession Actress
Known For A Royal Runaway Romance (2022)
Height 1.64 m
Weight 50 kg

Philippa Northeast Age: How Old Is A Royal Runaway Romance Actress?

As in the year 2022, Philippa Northeast has reached the age of 28. On September 23, 1994, she was born in Melbourne, which is located in Australia. It appeared that the actress was also 1.64 metres in height.

She was born in Australia and grew up there. When she was just nine years old, she had her first appearance on the television show Skithouse.

In addition, when she was still a young performer, Philippa Northeast appeared in an episode of the television series Skithouse in 2003. In that episode, she played a number of quite distinct characters.

After that, the actress stepped away from her career in the entertainment industry for a period of ten years. Between the years 2013 and 2017, she appeared as Evelyn MacGuore in a total of 341 episodes of Home and Away. She performed for an extremely, extremely, very lengthy duration of time in each and every current.

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Her Height & Weight

Philippa Northeast, who is simply lovely in her acting roles, has a height of 5 feet 7 inches and a weight of 50 kilogrammes. Her stunning appearance, in addition to the acting skills she possesses, has won her a large number of fans.

She has already made a few appearances in movies, and all of them have left her devoted followers in amazement of how stunningly lovely she is.

Her Family

Philippa Northeast and her four siblings spent their childhood in the southeast of Melbourne. During her time in high school, she took part in a variety of theatrical and cinematic performances, including both solo and ensemble work.

In 2012, she graduated from Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School with her VCE and immediately after that, she enrolled in the criminology programme at the University of Melbourne.

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Philippa Northeast As Princess Amelia in A Royal Runaway Romance

Philippa Northeast, who was born in Melbourne, Australia, plays the role of Princess Amelia in the romantic drama A Royal Runaway Romance.

It’s possible that many people would recognise her from her role as the title character in the romantic comedy series Standing Up for Sunny, which she played from 2013 to 2017.

In addition, she has appeared on television programmes such as Bondi Slayer, Home and Away, and Hallmark’s A Royal Runaway Romance, which made its debut on the network on April 9th.

The plot centres around Princess Amelia of Bundbury, who, just as she is getting ready to become Queen, finds herself falling in love with Wes, the American artist who has been commissioned to paint her official picture. After the Queen decides that Wes is not the right fit for Amelia’s future husband, the artist heads back to Chicago.

Philippa Northeast Career And Net Worth

Philippa Northeast will star as princess Amelia Bell in the lead role of the 2022 television movie, A Royal Runaway Romance, which will be portrayed by Philippa Northeast.

The screenplay was written by Jake Helgren, while David Weaver was in charge of directing the movie. Philippa Northeast worked on the project alongside a number of others, including Brant Daugherty, Sarah-Jane, Vincent Gale, Khamisa Wilsher, Andre Anthony, Catherine Barroll, Robert Wisden, BJ Harrison, Terence Kelly, Raine Mateo, and others.

Her first substantial project, Standing Up for Sunny, was nominated for and ultimately won the award for Best Independent Film. Philippa Northeast made her debut on television in the role of a pip in the episode of Bondi Slayer titled “Home and a Slay” in the year 2020.

How Much Is Her Net Worth In 2022?

Philippa Northeast is an established Australian actress, and rumours suggest that she has a net worth of $1.5 million. The majority of her money comes from the job that she does as an actor, model, and influencer.

After completing her secondary school education, Philippa went on to pursue a career in the film and theatrical industries. She made her debut as an actress on the television show Skithouse in the year 2003.

Phil started to feature in a variety of films and shows on television, but her big break came in 2013 when she was cast as Evelyn MacGuire in the Home and Away series.

Her most well-known works include Bondi Slayer, Drop Weird, and A Royal Runaway Romance, all of which are television programmes and films.

Philippa Northeast accent and charming appearance are well-liked

Does Philippa Northeast Have A Boyfriend?

Isaac Brown was rumoured to be Philippa Northeast’s lover, but the two never publicly confirmed their connection. In 2016, Brown and Northeast were observed hanging out together at Bondi Beach.

In addition to that, the picture of them kissing spread like wildfire around the internet. In a similar manner, she captioned an image of Brown on Instagram with the words “Still my Favorite.”

On the other hand, there have not been any reports surrounding Philippa’s romantic life in the recent past. In addition, she has been concealing the details of her personal life.

The same thing happened in 2019, when the actress shocked her audience by posting a picture of a strange man named Alec Snow. In addition, Philippa Northeast has a significant amount of online popularity, as evidenced by the fact that she has a verified Instagram account that has more than 171,000 followers and 1,804 followers with 1,045 posts.

In a similar vein, she began using Twitter in March 2013 and currently has over 11.8 thousand followers and 73 people that follow her. She also maintains an active presence on Facebook, where she has 7.4 thousand followers.

Some FAQs

Who plays Princess Amelia in A Royal Runaway Romance?

In the Hallmark movie, “A Royal Runaway Romance,” Philippa Northeast portrays the title character, Princess Amelia.

How old is Philippa Northeast?

At this point in time, Philippa Northeast is 28 years old.

When was Philippa Northeast born?

The 23rd of September, 1994 was the day she was born.

Actress Philippa Northeast Wikipedia

The well-known actress Philippa Northeast does not yet have her own entry on Wikipedia, despite her popularity.

Philippa made her debut in the role of an actress in the television series Skithouse in the year 2003. Her role as Evelyn MacGuire in the series Home and Away, which she began playing in 2013, is largely credited with launching her career.

She has been in a number of other well-known television series over the course of her career, including Bondi Slayer, Drop Dead Weird, and A Royal Runaway Romance.

Revealing Philippa Northeast Age

As in the year 2022, Philippa Northeast has reached the age of 27. In addition, her birthday is September 23rd, and she was born in 1994.

Due to the fact that she was born in Australia, she is a citizen of that country.

Who Is Philippa Northeast Husband or Boyfriend?

At this time, Philippa Northeast is not seeing anyone in a romantic capacity. Despite this, she has a history of dating Isaac Brown in the past.

Around the same time in 2016, Northeast and Brown were seen hanging out together at Bondi Beach. In addition to that, the picture of them kissing quickly became extremely popular on the internet.

In a similar manner, she uploaded a picture of Brown to Instagram and captioned it “Still my Favorite.”

However, there have not been any recent reports concerning Philippa’s romantic relationships. In addition to that, she has been keeping her private life a closely guarded secret.

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