Piers Morgan brands Johnny Depp and Amber Heard ‘mutually dreadful narcissists’ amid multi-million dollar libel case
Posted by  badge Boss on Apr 13
Piers Morgan didn’t mince his words while discussing Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s libel case (Picture: Getty)

Besides about and ’s wedding, Piers Morgan is also done with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

The no-nonsense presenter branded the ex-couple ‘narcissists’ in a scathing attack as the Pirates of The Caribbean actor’s gets underway in Virginia.

Depp and Heard are countersuing each other in the multi-million dollar libel case over a 2018 article Heard wrote for The Washington Post, in which she discussed her experiences of domestic abuse.

Piers didn’t hold back his unflinching disdain for the pair, stating that the number of ‘f*cks’ he gives ‘could be written on the back of Mycoplasma genitalium, the planet’s smallest living organism and, appropriately, a parasitic bacterium that lives in our waste disposal organs.’

‘My main takeaway from that repellent orgy of relentlessly revolting mudslinging is that they’re mutually dreadful and should be avoided by future romantic suitors like a gazelle avoids a pride of ravenous lions,’ he continued.

Piers then went on to brand both Depp and Heard ‘supreme narcissists’.

Morgan branded the ex-couple ‘narcissists’ (Picture: AP)

Writing in his column, he raged: ‘Literally. In fact, medically and scientifically.

‘The Mayo Clinic identifies narcissistic personality disorder as a mental condition in which people “have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others.”

‘Is there any better or more accurate way to describe Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?’

Don’t mince your words, eh, Piers?

Heard’s Washington Post article was titled ‘I spoke up against sexual violence – and faced our culture’s wrath’ (Picture: AP)

Piers’ column comes after Depp vehemently denied allegations that he ‘penetrated’ Heard with a bottle following shocking claims in their defamation trial. 

During the first day of the trial, Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft  that took place between the former couple in Australia in 2015. 

Bredehoft told the court: ‘He has her jammed up against the bar. He has hurled bottles and bottles at her. He has dragged her across the floor on the broken bottles. 

‘He has punched her. He has kicked her. He has told her he’s going to fu**ing kill her, and he fu**ing hates her. He’s pounding at her, pounding at her. And then, he penetrates her with a liquor bottle.’

At this point, Depp, 58, shook his head at the serious allegations as if to say ‘no’. 

A spokesman for the actor vehemently denied the claims, saying in a statement: ‘These fictitious claims were never made at the onset of Amber’s allegations in 2016, and only advantageously surfaced years later once she was sued for defamation after noting in her op-ed that she was a victim of “sexual violence”.

‘Words are key in a defamation case and conveniently, this allegation only came after that. This follows a pattern of her elaborate, erroneous claims which have continued to change and evolve over time for the purpose of Hollywood shock value of which Amber has mastered and used to exploit a serious social movement.’