Randon Nichols Was Shot To Death – Ophelia Nichols Son TikTok Alabama Tribute
Posted by  badge Boss on Jun 30

The day before her son Randon Nichols turned 19, Ophelia Nichols, also known as “Shoe Lover 99” on Tiktok, revealed his death. Ophelia said that her kid had been murdered in the Prichard neighborhood of Mobile.

Due to her positive outlook and contagious energy, Ophelia Nichols is well-liked on the application. The TikTok community adores and respects her for her unique material, flawless lip-syncing, and body-positive stance.

She is also known as Mama Tot. Many young ladies who experienced bullying or body shaming at the hands of their family members or acquaintances have referred to her as their guardian angel.

She also wrote a supportive and inspiring piece of writing for a little girl who has endured bullying and body shaming on numerous occasions.

Randon Nichols

Randon Nichols was assassinated on camera

Randon Nichols, who had just turned 19, was shot and died in Mobile, Alabama, according to Ophelia Nichols.

Nichols wrote on Facebook, “My son was snatched from us last night by the hands of another person at the age of only 18,” He would have turned 19 today, but someone else decided to take my son’s life.

They are moving about my town, breathing, while my son is not there. They are free, but my family and I are mourning a loss that no mother should ever experience.

I don’t have much of a choice except to do this, she said in a video she published while sobbing.

I consider myself to be a regular person who just likes people, but social media makes me forget that.

Additionally, people are swarming to Twitter to spread the news and her plea to find the criminal. Now that the assassin has been given a life sentence in jail, we pray that justice is served for her young child.

Ophelia Nichols Tiktok Tribute to Her Son

On Facebook and TikTok, Ophelia Nichols posted a notice about the passing of her son, Randon Nichlos. Famous Tiktokstar Ophelia Nichols can be found on the platform using the handle @Shoelover99.

She began using TikTok during the pandemic and was shocked by the volume of animosity, arguments, and emotional abuse she encountered there.

For a young girl who has frequently been the object of bullying and body shaming, she also authored an inspiring and motivating article.

For hundreds of innocent young girls online, her genuineness and care have earned her the moniker “Tiktok mom.” She is referred to as the Mobile Mom and goes by the moniker “Mom Tot.”

On Instagram, Ophelia is well-known under the username @ophelianichols. She has 173k followers on Instagram and 456 posts.

She has 6.8 million followers on her Tiktok account and 179. 8 million people have liked all of her Tiktok videos.

Wikipedia Age of Randon Nichlos

According to his Facebook profile, Randon Nichols worked for Controlled Environment Systems in Mobile. A day before his birthday, Randon passed away at the age of 18.

Ophelia has four children, and regrettably, Randon, one of them, has passed away after being murdered on Saint Stephen’s Road.

Since losing her baby, Ophelia’s life has changed, and now her family is also grieving. Her son Randon was a very intelligent individual who excelled in school.

The latest cause of her online fame is the passing of her son. A lot of people are also using Twitter to spread the word about the incident and her plea to find the attacker.

Was Anyone Arrested in the Randon Nichlos Murder Case?

Regarding a gunshot at a neighboring apartment block, a guy, age 21, was detained on Friday. Second-degree assault is alleged against Brandon Lee Gibbons.

According to the Mobile Police Department, at roughly 4 a.m. on Friday, officers went to Ascension Provident Hospital in response to a single shot.

The male victim was reportedly shot at the Greentree Apartments at 6200 Airport Blvd. by the defendant, Gibbons.

Medical care for the victim was not life-threatening. After being detained, Gibbons was eventually freed from the Mobile County Metro Jail. A court date is scheduled for July 5 and a bond hearing is scheduled for Monday, according to jail records.