Resident Evil on Netflix: How does the series fit in with the movies? 
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 15
Resident Evil premiered on Netflix today (Picture: MARCOS CRUZ/NETFLIX)

is the latest offering from Netflix you absolutely need to binge watch.

The latest adaptation of the hit game and film series will see characters have to take on fight creatures after a global apocalypse.

Set in the year 2036, the futuristic thriller promises the drama right from the off. 

The series is split across two timelines, with the first centering around 14-year-old sisters Jade and Billie Wesker. 

They relocate with their dad, Albert, to New Raccoon City, which they slowly find out is more than what it seems on the surface. More so, their dad could be hiding dark secrets that threaten to destroy the world.

With the franchise already hugely successful, many fans will want to know whether it is based on any previous stories to have played out. 

After landing on Netflix today, about the adaptation. 

How does the Resident Evil Netflix series fit in with the movies? 

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Six live-action Resident Evil films were produced between 2002 and 2016, all written and produced by Paul W. S. Anderson. 

The films do not follow the games’ premise but feature some game characters.

However, the new series is set in its own continuity separate from either the previous Anderson film series or the 2021 film.

Is it based on any particular game?

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Resident Evil is based on the Japanese horror game series and media franchise of the same name created by Capcom. 

It consists of survival horror, third-person shooter and first-person shooter games, with players typically surviving in environments filled with zombies and other creatures.

Leading name Lance Reddick recently addressed the influence in his character Albert Wesker from the game. 

While the character has historically been depicted as a white male in the games, Reddick became the first person of colour to play Wesker.

He shared: ‘The character in the series is very nuanced, but [there are] also several different facets to his character. Part of that is very much the Albert Wesker from the game. 

‘A large part of it is almost a different character, who is a loving father and still very high on the psychopath scale, but he has a conscience.

‘In terms of his ambition and his ruthlessness, he’s constantly juggling that with how much he loves his daughters and how much he wants to protect them, both from the Umbrella Corporation and from his own past,’ the actor told Comic Book Resources. 

Who is in the cast?

Boasting an all new original story and largely new characters, Resident Evil also features some up and coming acting talent, as well as some recognisable faces.

, such as Lance Reddick, who was on The Wire, and Turlough Convery, who acted alongside The Help’s in .

Lance, who also stars in the John Wick franchise, portrays main character Albert Wesker.

Jade Wesker is a new character that has been introduced in Netflix’s Resident Evil series and will be portrayed by Ella Balinska.

Paola Nuñez, who’s starred in shows such as The Purge, The Son, and the Magnum P.I. reboot, plays Evelyn Marcus. The CEO of Umbrella Corporation.

Other cast members include Anthony Oseyemi, Susana Franco and Tamara Smart and Siena Agudong as a young Jade and Billie Wesker respectively.

Resident Evil can be streamed in full on Netflix now.