Richard Madeley blasted for interrupting Kate Garraway during emotional interview days after Derek Draper’s funeral
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 05

hasafter cutting off during her return to TV following the death of her husband .

On Monday, the presenter wasRichard and live from her home.

Last week Kate’s husband, 56, , nearly three years after he was first struck down by Covid.

Speaking on the ITV breakfast programme, Kate tearfully spoke about his death, sharing details of her family’s final months with him.

However, a moment between Kate and Richard had some viewers seeing red.

During part of their chat, Kate spoke about her daughter Darcey, 17, asking to help carry the coffin as a pall bearer.

Kate Garraway has made her first TV appearance since husband Derek Draper’s death (Picture: ITV)

But as she spoke, Richard jumped in as Kate was talking about thinking of those also facing loss today.

‘Those who will be facing the worst today I am thinking of them really, because I know how they feel,’ she said, as he was also heard saying ‘Kate I wanted…’, before she apologised for ‘interrupting’ him.

Richard could then be seen waving his hands around in apology as he said: ‘No, I interrupted you on a live link.’

Despite the minor mistake, some GMB viewers were incensed.

However Richard Madeley was slammed for interrupting her at one point (Picture: Ken McKay/ ITV/ Shutterstock)

‘Richard Madeley interrupting and talking over a lady describing burying her husband. Unbearable little man,’ Daniel McLeish posted on X.

‘Once again Richard keeps interrupting. Let Kate talk,’ Lauren Hope shared.

‘Richard Madeley really is Alan Partridge,’ Gary Noone added.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kate revealed why she was set to return to work this week so soon after her husband’s death and funeral.

Draper’s funeral was held last week (Picture: Leon Neal/Getty Images)

‘Everybody has to. Bill’s going to have to go to school, somebody better tell him to hurry up or I’ll be in trouble with the teachers. But we have to pick ourselves up and carry on,’ she said.

Looking ahead to Kate’s return this week, Richard said to her while speaking via video link: ‘You’re back in the studio, you’re back at work this week, aren’t you?’

‘Yes, I am. I’m going to be looking forward to a blow-dry, I’m going to be finding fake eyelashes, I’m going to be very much looking forward to applying fake tan. Don’t worry – I will be a little bit more respectable by Thursday,’ she answered.

‘I’ll be doing a lot of homework between now and then, because I feel like I’ve been in a very small bubble, so I’m going to look forward really to coming into the world and sharing what’s going on for everybody else and connecting with everybody again.

The couple were married for 20 years (Picture: James Gourley/ITV/Shutterstock)

‘So, thank you for having me back, and have a little bit of patience. I might be a bit rusty. There’s a new King, isn’t there? Have I caught up with that?’

Kate is expected to rejoin co-host Ben Shephard on the show from Thursday.

Former political lobbyist Draper died on January 3 after suffering a cardiac arrest following years of complications since he contracted Covid in March 2020.

He died holding Kate’s hand after spending Christmas and New Year together with their children – Darcey, 17, and Billy, 14 – in hospital.

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