Robbie Williams admits he has a ‘constant fight’ over his weight: ‘I have an addictive nature that finds a loophole in sugar’
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 11, 2022 - 12:11AM
Robbie Williams admits it’s a ‘constant slog’ keeping is weight down (Picture: Getty/REX)

has revealed that staying in shape is a ‘constant fight’ for him as he believes his ‘normal’ state would be being twice the size. 

The singer, 48, has seen his weight fluctuate over the years and finds it a ‘constant slog’ to remain at his current weight. 

The former Take That star told : ‘I have lost weight but it is a constant fight. Inside me there’s a giant person.

‘My whole being and my whole body wants me to go in the opposite direction and be morbidly obese.

‘At the moment I am just eating less. It is a constant slog and it is not a natural way of being. For me, what is normal is being twice this size.’

Robbie admitted that his ‘vanity’ and having a job in the public eye is what motivates him to keep his weight down, otherwise he would ‘dread’ to think of what he would ‘look like and become’. 

Robbie admits his ‘normal’ state would be twice the size he is now (Picture: Chris Palme/Getty Images)

He has been sober from drugs and alcohol for over 20 years but Robbie admits that he has an ‘addictive nature that finds a loophole in sugar’ after having kicked his other vices. 

The Rock DJ star admitted that he is either ‘overweight and full of shame’ or ‘doing something extreme’ to limit his calories to lose weight. 

The singer’s weight has fluctuated over the years (Picture: Ilpo Musto/Shutterstock)

‘There is no balance — moderation doesn’t exist. I do not have the ability to make that happen. It is either fat or thin,’ he conceded. 

The star is currently celebrating the release of his latest album, XXV, marking 25 years as a solo artist. 

Robbie’s career began as a member of Take That from 1990 until 1995, having joined the band at just 16. 

His solo career has been hugely successful, racking up seven number one singles and 13 number one albums over the past two and a half decades.