Ryan Reynolds poses with rarely-seen brother after very odd encounter
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 27
Ryan Reynolds and his brother Terry had an incredible chance encounter in New York (Picture: Terry_n_Reynolds/ Instagram)

was left shocked as he bumped into his own brother on the street.

Theis the youngest in the family, having three older brothers: Jeff, Patrick and Terry.

Ryan is the , and as a world-famous Hollywood star, themeaning fans often don’t get to know the star’s family dynamic outside of his wife and.

However Ryan’s brother Terry made a surprise appearance on Ryan’s Instagram this week as the brothers happened to run into each other – completely randomly, in City – and both wearing the same hat.

The Wrexham owner took to his Stories to share a snap of himself with older brother Terry, both in Wrexham caps and glasses.

He wrote: ‘8.5 million people in NYC. Ran smack into my brother out of nowhere.

Caption: Ryan Reynolds Instagram story Provider: Ryan Reynolds / Instagram
Ryan, pictured here with his mother and three older brothers, is the youngest in the family (Picture: Getty Images)

‘He was even wearing his Ryan Reynolds costume. WTF.’

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Terry himself shared the snap and wrote: ‘I’m not sure what the odds are of running into your own brother while doing separate things in NY for the day.

‘8.5 million people and we practically collided.’

The incredibly random encounter proved popular with fans – although one quipped, ‘What are the odds of running into your brother and wearing the exact hat is the real question!’

Ryan and his brothers were born and brought up in Canada, where much of the family still resides – including Terry, making the encounter somehow even more random.

The Detective Pikachu star began his acting career in Canada with teen soap opera Hillside, and after initially giving up on the industry and going to university in British Columbia, he moved to Los Angeles where his career took off.

He and wife Blake now live in New York with their four children, and the star became a US citizen in 2018.

The couple met on the set of 2011’s Green Lantern and married in 2012; in 2014 they welcomed first daughter, James, followed by Inez in 2016 and Betty in 2019, making Terry an uncle three times over.

This year Blake gave birth to a fourth child, however they have not revealed any details about their new arrival.