Sarah Jessica Parker whispers creepy monthly ritual for good luck and just like that we’re enlightened
Posted by  badge Boss on Aug 03, 2023 - 02:16PM
Sarah Jessica Parker has a monthly ritual we just can’t get over (Picture: Getty Images)

a seemingly normal video – until you turn the sound up and listen right until the end.

The icon, 58, looked to be enjoying a bit of seaside relaxation as the new month of August dawned.

Taking to , the actor videoed a serene beach scene, in which waves crashed onto the shore, seagulls cooed, and the sun reflected off the watery horizon. Beautiful.

, as if you listen very closely, at the end of the video Sarah whispers: ‘Rabbit, rabbit.’ Er, okay…?

But don’t worry, it isn’t totally random – and SJP isn’t trying to tame a wild beach rabbit – but this unusual saying is actually a tradition.

The Sex and the City icon speaks the word ‘rabbit’ at the start of every month (Picture: James Devaney/GC Images)

Saying the words, ‘rabbit, rabbit, rabbit,’ when you wake up on the first day of the month is supposed to bring you good luck.

It must be the first thing you say that day for it to, erm, work. Funnily enough, the superstition was thought to be founded in Britain and North America.

While it isn’t known where exactly this weird mantra came from, the tall-eared animals have been a symbol of good fortune for thousands of years, with their high fertility and links to images of spring-like renewal.

The first written reference to the superstition came in 1909 in an issue of the British journal Notes and Queries, in which a parent recorded their children would say ‘rabbits’ on the first day of the month for good luck.

That’s right, SJP is partial to a bit of superstition (Picture: James Devaney/GC Images)

Even President Franklin Roosevelt has been recorded using the phrase, as he was said to have muttered it on the first day of every month without fail.

It’s not the first time SJP has used the phrase, and indeed she nodded to it in the caption of her post as she wrote: ‘August 1st, 2023. Rabbit rabbit. X, SJ.’

An eagle-eyed fan spotted this recurrence, as they commented: ‘Is it weird that I was waiting for this this morning?! ???

‘Rabbit Rabbit. I need to take the time band remember and speak it,’ said another.

Another wrote: ‘I always think of you on the first day of the month!!! Rabbit rabbit?’

Well, that’s us educated.