Saturday Night Takeaway viewers feel ‘cheated’ after learning crucial part of hit show isn’t actually live
Posted by  badge Boss on Apr 10
Saturday Night Takeaway viewers were stunned by the revelations (Picture: Kieron McCarron/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

viewers were left feeling somewhat betrayed after learning a key part of the hit show… isn’t actually live.

In a one-off programme airing on Sunday, and gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at how their ITV show works.

The special episode documented the 10 months of preparation that goes into making a new series of Takeaway, from to

With 200 crew members on hand to slot everything together, it’s certainly a team effort, with all hands on deck from start to finish to ensure everything runs smoothly.

However, one part of the documentary left viewers puzzled, as they were forced to question everything they thought they knew about the beloved entertainment show.

Yep, that’s right, the iconic ‘end of the show show’ isn’t live, as most viewers thought.

The Behind The Screens documentary taught viewers that the end of the show show isn’t always what they assumed (Picture: Kieron McCarron/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

The segment closes out every episode and features an entertainment act, sometimes a West End ensemble, other times a pop star, with Ant and Dec getting involved in the (typically chaotic) performance.

Offering a glimpse inside the making of the first end of the show show of the 2023 series, Ant and Dec performed with Tom Grennan, who had been ‘locked’ inside his dressing room.

A special set was built for the number, meaning the stars looked to be moving around the room, while staying still.

Tom Grennan’s end of the show show was filmed in advance (Picture: ITV)
Ant and Dec did loads of takes before the final version was made (Picture: ITV)

Some said they felt ‘cheated’, though, when they discovered the performance was filmed in advance.

Not only that, but it took multiple takes to get right, due to choreography and a number of extras.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: ‘I thought The end of the show show was always live.’

Ant and Dec are also involved in the planning of Ant vs Dec games (Picture: ITV)
The challenges go through endless tests before appearing on air (Picture: ITV)
Hundreds of crew members are involved in the planning process (Picture: ITV)

And the revelations didn’t stop there, as Behind The Screens also taught viewers that Ant and Dec actually know about thebeforehand.

Despite acting super surprised when Stephen Mulhern announces the weekly head-to-head, the Geordie duo are actually fully clued up on what games they’re going to be facing, having been involved in weeks of relentless testing.

The documentary showed the Britain’s Got Talent hosts sitting with their team to discuss the challenges, who tried out multiple versions of various tasks before approving a final idea.

Viewers were shocked to learn Ant and Dec aren’t kept in the dark about their challenges (Picture: Kieron McCarron/ITV/REX/Shutterstock)
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Tweeting their thoughts, one viewer penned: ‘Thought Ant v Dec was kept secret and they did Not know anything about the Challenges And yet there they were actually PLANNING one of the Games, I actually feel Cheated’.

‘Aren’t we always told that the duo are kept in the dark for Ant vs Dec? Yet here they are helping plan the challenges’, another questioned.

‘Bit disappointing they know about the Ant v’s Dec challenges beforehand’, another wrote.

When one follower argued that ‘they never said otherwise’, the person responded: ‘Why do they make out they don’t know what’s coming up and it’s a big surprise?’

The plot thickens…

However, plenty of viewers expressed their love for the documentary, praising the team for putting the show together and saying how ‘interesting’ it was to watch what goes on off-air.

‘Just seeing it from the production point of view it’s really interesting’, one person tweeted.

‘Absolutely love watching behind the scenes of #SaturdayNightTakeaway @antanddec it’s literally the best show on TV @itvtakeaway and how much work goes into this show to make it the best show!! love it so much!!’, praised another.

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