Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 30

An ex-teacher from northeast Ohio is talking openly about why he decided to work at Walmart rather than continue teaching after many years. Seth Goshorn, 28, spent four of his nearly six years as a teacher in northeast Ohio, working at Warstler Elementary School. His LinkedIn profile states that he recently left his position as a schoolteacher to work at Walmart in Massillon, Ohio. He shared a quick video on TikTok with the message, “Leaving teaching after 6 years to go be a manager at Walmart and make more not using my degree,” in which he held up and displayed Walmart’s trademark blue uniform. The video has already received more than 810K views.

Goshorn stated that he made slightly over $43,000 as a teacher in 2017. The former teacher claimed that Walmart gave him higher income and opportunities for career progression without requiring him to take on further student loan debt to pursue an advanced degree. As a stocking coach at Walmart, he claimed that making sure delivery vehicles are unloaded is one of his responsibilities. He also assists colleagues with stocking the storefronts with items. The pay scale for coaching positions at Walmart is between $55,000 and $80,000 annually.

I’m a big social media person,” he said when asked what inspired him to write the popular post on Good Morning America. I was attempting to think of a way to get people’s attention while wearing my Walmart shirt, and it worked better than I anticipated. People from the media, other educators, and friends were making comments and posing queries. What began as a lighthearted video ended with me raising attention to Walmart’s opportunities and teachers’ low pay.

It’s never too late to discover the proper fit, Goshorn emphasised in his advise to anyone thinking about changing careers. “Try Linkedin and look into your alternatives to see what’s available. I had more time after breaking my foot to look for work. Being a huge believer in pros and cons, I examined the advantages of working at Walmart and teaching, “He said.

“You could see the wage scale in teaching, and after doing the math, I concluded that Walmart offered me more prospects. I worked in retail during my time in high school and college, so the switch to Walmart wasn’t too difficult. It’s never too late to explore the world. To discover the perfect career, you sometimes have to put yourself out there, he continued.