Sir David Attenborough fans ‘face huge blow’ after beloved TV series update
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 24, 2023 - 10:15PM
The BBC has ‘axed’ one of David Attenborough’s documentary series’ (Picture: BBC/ Nick Lyon)

The has chosen to ‘end’ a documentary series which followed endangered and vulnerable species, it’s been claimed.

First hitting screens in 2018, Dynasties focused on species known to form enduring populations: chimpanzee, emperor penguin, lion, tiger and African wild dogs.

, now 97, a second season then aired last year, with its four episodes following Angelina the African elephant matriarch, she-cheetah Kali, Rupestre the puma and spotted hyena matriarch Suma.

However, it’s now reportedly been scrapped to .

There are currently said to be no further plans to continue filming, which had previously taken place in locations like Zimbabwe to Antarctica.

‘It will no doubt of the series, who tuned in from the US to New Zealand for the second season,’ a source has said.

The series is said to have been cancelled so ‘efforts can be focused elsewhere’ (Picture: BBC)

‘It was widely expected that a third would follow.

‘But the programme has now been set aside while the team focus their efforts elsewhere,’ they added when speaking to .

‘Of course, with all nature programming, there’s no reason why the BBC can’t return to the format idea for Dynasties in the future so it may well return one day.’

Are you disappointed Dynasties won’t be continuing?Comment Now understands that there is the possibility the series could still return, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

But, the national broadcaster is now reported to be looking at ‘expanding’ the series under a new name, with the ‘baton’ handed to the show Kingdom, which films six animal sagas in Zambia over a four-year period.

The source added: ‘Kingdom will expand upon the original idea for Dynasties.

Dynasties ran for two seasons and followed endangered and vulnerable species (Picture: BBC)

‘It will focus on the conflicts and dynamics that exist across various different animal groups, in one location, rather than on just one particular family or tribe.’

However, the series is not due to be released until 2025.

While production for Dynasties took place in Zimbabwe, Senegal, Antarctica, Kenya and India, Sir David did not travel to any of the locations after he’d decided to cut down on overseas work.

Speaking to the Radio Times, he explained: ‘It’s probably a fact of age, but I was finding my heart was sinking deeper and deeper into my boots every time I walked up into an aircraft and looked down that long line and thought, “I’m going to be here for another 24 hours”,’ he said. has contacted BBC for comment.

Dynasties is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.