Sony acquisition of Kojima Productions rumoured following new PlayStation Studios banner
Posted by  badge Boss on Apr 14
One of these games is not like the others (pic: Sony)

Death Stranding is suddenly part of the official banner for PlayStation Studios, sparking speculation that Sony may buy Kojima Productions.

Sony has been happy to admit that, even after the it still has plans to acquire more companies, it just hasn’t said which ones. Insiders are convinced that the next announcement will be , but again it’s not clear what that means exactly.

What that might mean has already been the subject of much speculation, especially as Sony is not as big a company as Microsoft, and so it’s unclear whether they could comfortably afford a publisher on the scale of or EA.

One suggestion though, has been that they could be eyeing up Kojima Productions, founded by Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima. Especially as his most recent game, PlayStation console exclusive , has found its way onto the official PlayStation Studios logo banner.

It’s important to emphasise that this is not proof of anything, as the game it replaced is the little known, and not particularly good, , but nevertheless Death Stranding is the only game featured in the banner not to be made by a studio that Sony owns.

The banner has also been updated with other, newer games, including MLB The Show (which is, for reasons that have never been adequately explained, multiformat) and the Demon’s Souls remake by recent acquisition Bluepoint Games.

Other new additions to the PlayStation Studios stable are not represented though, with no spot for Destiny 2. Although it has been made clear that Bungie will still operate largely independently, despite being bought by Sony.

Kojima Production was formed in 2015 with financial backing from PlayStation, although there was never any guarantee that all future games would be PlayStation exclusives.

In fact, recent rumours have suggested that Kojima is planning a , working with Portal designer Kim Swift.

It’s not hard to imagine that Sony would rather that didn’t happen and one way to prevent it would be to buy the company.

If that’s what’s happening remains to be seen but Sony must’ve known that the new banner would get tongues wagging in this way, although whether that’s because it’s already a done deal or not is also a mystery…

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