Squid Game: The Challenge finale release date confirmed as fans left baffled by ‘missing’ episode
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 07, 2023 - 08:16AM

: The Challenge viewers have voiced their confusion over the timing of the upcoming finale.

Fans have been hooked over the brutal competition in recent weeks, for the $4.56million prize fund.

The latest episodes dropped last week and saw Players 016, 287 and 451 – aka Sam Lantz, Mai Whelan and Phill Cain respectively – , and within touching distance of the jackpot.

The final is due to drop on today, with one of the trio set to be crowned the.

However, many were baffled when exactly the instalment would be dropping and flocked to Twitter in their droves, questioning where it was.

A commenter questioned: ‘Ummm why is the new episode of #SquidGameTheChallenge not up? It says available Dec 6th, am I buggin or is today not Dec 6th?! [sic].’

The Squid Game: The Challenge finale will be airing on Netflix today (Picture: Netflix)

‘Where’s the season finale? Drop that ish already!! @netflix today is the 6th, did the upload guy sleep in or what #SquidGameTheChallenge,’ another agreed.

One penned: ‘How come the last episode is not available on Netflix right now? Isn’t it suppose to be on dec 6?????#SquidGameTheChallenge [sic’.

A Twitter user posted: ‘Is #SquidGameTheChallenge not working for me or does it come out at a certain time?’

As a follower added: ‘Is anyone else’s #SquidGameTheChallenge Episode 10 not available on Netflix?’

Fans were baffled over the timing of the release (Picture: Netflix)

Netflix bosses cleared up the confusion on Twitter with a sneak peek of the episode on the platform, explaining: ‘Dinner will be served at 9PM ET / 6PM PT. The finale of #SquidGameTheChallenge is TONIGHT.’

They also took a moment to confirm that the program had been picked up for a second season, with casting open for those convinced they can give Mai and co a run for their money.

We’ve all been on tenterhooks ahead of the last episode dropping – but fans are convinced that some players just dropped a massive spoiler on who won the first series.

Ashley Tolbert – aka Player 278 – recently raised eyebrows as she claimed that Sam Lantz treated some stars to a day out at Disneyland.

Phalisia, who went under Player 229, got in on the action, claiming that he had also treated them to a splurge at Louis Vuitton.

Although they could have been pranking us all, many were quick question whether they had inadvertently spoiled that Sam had won the competition, and had dipped into his prize pot for the treat.

Time will tell…

Squid Game: The Challenge is available to stream on Netflix now.