Stacey Dooley refuses to marry three-time divorcee Kevin Clifton following birth of their daughter 
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 20, 2023 - 08:59PM
Stacey Dooley revealed her feelings about Kevin Clifton and admitted she wasn’t keen on marriage (Picture: Getty Images)

admitted she had no interest in tying the knot with her dancing pro partner .

The 36-year-old documentary maker met her match while taking part on ’s and has recently with 40-year-old dancer Kevin.

Now six months old, Minnie arrived on January 17 of this year with Stacey announcing the happy news online, writing: ‘Our Daughter is here.

‘My little masterpiece! I’m COMPLETELY OBSESSED. Love you Minnie, Love you Kev x [sic].’ 

The filmmaker has since opened up about her family plans and revealed she had no desire to marry the father of her child – who has been married and divorced three times. 

Speaking candidly, the mum-of-one told : ‘ Marriage has never been massively important to me.

Kevin has been married and divorced three times (Picture: WireImage)
The couple welcomed Minnie in January (Picture: Stacey Dooley/Instagram)

‘Also, it’s well documented that Kev’s done it a couple of times before. So, you do have to bear that in mind, coming down the aisle like, “Hello everyone, I know what you’re all thinking”.

‘It’s just never been something I’ve dreamt about. But I couldn’t have done this (motherhood) without Kev.

‘It’s weird. I’ve always loved him, but it’s a different love I have for Kev now.’ 

Stacey and Kevin were paired up as and went on to win the glitterball trophy, following which a romantic connection blossomed off-screen.

Kevin and Stacey hinted there might be another baby in their future (Picture: Instagram)
The pair met in 2018 after dancing together (Picture: Getty Images)

The star continued spilling details on her home life with the talented dancer and said: ‘I don’t subscribe to the idea that you offer more stability if you’re married because we know loads of marriages end in divorce.

‘But Kev, I don’t want to sound too gushing or soppy, but I couldn’t have done this without Kev. I couldn’t have done this with anyone else.’

She went on to share her ideas about welcoming a sibling for Minnie: ‘You’re so tired and sometimes you really feel like you’re in the trenches, it’s a haze and you’re just trying to figure it all out.

‘I think I would love to have more babies. But I said to Kev the other day, “Don’t you want to do this again?”. And he went, “Are you nuts? You’re over-tired!”.

‘I don’t know how people have four children. I’ve had one and am completely failing.’ 

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