Stacey Solomon praised for resurfaced comments on Royal Family amid Platinum Jubilee: ‘I just don’t get it’
Posted by  badge Boss on 4 weeks ago
Stacey Solomon made the comments during a 2018 episode of Loose Women (Picture: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Stacey Solomon has been praised for her past comments on the monarchy, which have resurfaced amid the celebrations for the Queen’s .

As to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years on the throne, some have pointed towards Stacey’s comments on an episode of Loose Women to sum up how they feel.

After other panellists expressed their love for the royals on the 2018 episode, Stacey, 32, said: ‘I just don’t get it. I don’t get any of it.’

‘I don’t get why we’re so obsessed with these humans that are exactly the same – it could be us four sitting there,’ she continued. ‘I just don’t get it.’

Jane Moore asked: ‘Do you mean, like, as royals, or as like, Kim Kardashian? Because for me, they’re becoming like celebrities.’

‘To me that’s all they are,’ Stacey added.

‘The Queen, for me, is brilliant,’ Jane, 60, said, with Linda Robson adding: ‘I love the Queen’.

‘But for what?’ Stacey asked, with Jane responding: ‘For duty, for responsibility…’

‘She’s always worked really hard,’ Linda, 64, said, as Stacey responded: ‘But I would work really hard if the whole country paid for me to have like 12 houses, to work really hard’.

The Queen is celebrating 70 years on the throne (Picture: Getty Images/AFP)
Crowds filled the Mall to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee (Picture: Getty Images)

‘They don’t pay for all of the houses,’ Jane said, with Stacey quipping: ‘Just a few?’

Tweets have poured in praising Stacey for the comments, with This Is Going To Hurt author Adam Kay writing: ‘I do love Stacey Solomon.

‘Gorbless her majesty and let her have her big day, but I really don’t understand “She works really hard” as an argument. She doesn’t work harder than, say, a staff nurse… but earns 200 times more.’

He added: ‘And as someone who occasionally gets invited to open/award/attend stuff (admittedly at a much lower level) it’s an honour and you have to get good at smalltalk – but I’d struggle to describe it as hard work. That said, I couldn’t do a job where I had to meet Boris once a week.’

Stacey hasn’t recently referenced the comments (Picture: WireImage)

Comedian Fern Brady added: ‘F**king hell. Britain. Thank god for Stacey Solomon.’

Shaparak Khorsandi said: ‘I LOVE @StaceySolomon. Breath of fresh air, sense and good humour. (I sit out of republican chat usually as I wasn’t born here, am not white so get trolled into next week if i do and I haven’t the energy to deal with it).’

One fan joked: ‘The only queen I will be celebrating today is the Queen of the Jungle, Stacey Solomon,’ while another said: ‘Stacey Solomon, queen of the masses.’

Stacey hasn’t addressed the comments – or the Platinum Jubilee – recently

The celebrations are set to continue throughout the weekend, with Kirsty Young on the BBC after she was forced to step back from presenting due to illness.

Fans were delighted to see her back in action as she interviewed stars including Dame Darcey Bussell and Dame Maureen Lipman.

On Saturday, the likes of Queen and Diana Ross will take to the stage for the Platinum Party, which will be broadcast on BBC.