Stacey Solomon shocks fans as she puts her tree up six weeks before Christmas: ‘Couldn’t help myself!’ 
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 09, 2022 - 09:24AM
Stacey Solomon is getting in the Christmas spirit early (Picture: Instagram)

Stacey Solomon has left fans divided after putting her Christmas tree up six weeks before the day itself.

The Loose Women panellist, 33, shocked her followers after they spotted a Christmas tree behind her in one of her stories, just days after Halloween. 

She had taken to her Instagram story to tell her fans about her productive day, which saw her complete her to-do list and finish all of her emails. 

While that is no doubt impressive, fans were pretty distracted by the Christmas tree they spotted behind her, which she duly addressed. 

Stacey shared a comment from a fan which read: ‘Please tell me that’s a Christmas tree,’ responding: ‘Your messages are cracking me up! Yes that was a Christmas tree in the background of my last video but I promise I haven’t started decorating yet…

‘I put it up because I really want to forage Christmas this year.’

Stacey has been making her tree up from things she has foraged from gardens and bits she already has (Picture: Instagram)
Stacey is known for decorating Pickle Cottage early each year (Picture: Instagram)

She added: ‘I want to try and make all of my decorations out of things I already have & things I can find in the garden (or someone else’s garden).

‘Because I love making stuff so so much & I’ve collected so much over the years it seems a waste to buy anything new but it is nice to change a little each year.’

The mum-of-four revealed that she would be ‘foraging’ things from decorations she already has to  beat the expense of buying new things every year and to have ‘less pressure’ on her decorations. 

Stacey later revealed that she ‘couldn’t help herself’ and had started constructing a new tree with pieces of ‘bush’ she had foraged. 

She explained: ‘Couldn’t help myself. After I showed you I started, couldn’t resist. This is as far as Farmer Scott’s bush got me so I reckon I’ll need to find another bush or two. 

‘And also maybe use whatever I have already in the house to create a good shape… If any of you are thinking of adding these or any stems to bush out a tree start foraging now.’

Stacey is well known for getting in the Christmas spirit early, as she similarly started on her festive decorations at Pickle Cottage seven weeks ahead of Christmas Day last year.