Stacey Solomon’s Sort Your Life out co-star gives cancer update after returning to series
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 22
Dilly Carter has provided an update after returning to Sort Your Life Out (Picture: BBC)

Dilly Carter, ’s Sort Your Life Out series, has issued a fresh update after being diagnosed with womb cancer.

The author and professional de-clutterer, 43, after being absent during an episode of the lifestyle series during its third season.

She revealed that , which lasted for almost six hours, as surgeons attempted a complex procedure to remove a stage three tumour from her womb.

While the operation was successful, Dilly later revealed that she was in considerable pain at the time, had been forced to significantly change her lifestyle and diet as a result of radiotherapy, and, she later confirmed, was no longer able to have children naturally.

Now, , Dilly has given fans behind-the-scenes details of her return to the Stacey Solomon show, as well as a glimpse of how it felt to be back on set after so long away.

Stacey Solomon and Dilly help tidy and organise people’s homes on the series (Picture: BBC)

On Instagram, she posted: ‘Where do I even start with the first show back? All I can say is thank you to the most incredible family for trusting us with your home and your family, for allowing us in at the hardest of times.’

The latest emotonal episode saw the show help a young widower and his children, aged six and four, after the death of his wife, Lois, from cancer four years before.

She continued: ‘[We filmed] this first episode after my cancer surgery and marked the beginning of my road to radiation… So it was very raw.

‘But as always with everything within Sort Your Life Out, whether you are a family on the show or a member of the production, you are loved and looked after every single minute of the day.’

Dilly was first diagnosed in November 2022, revealing her diagnosis in September 2023 (Picture: Dilly Carter/Instagram)

On World Cancer Day, which is February 4 in the UK, Dilly had posted an update featuring a photo of herself in hospital, revealing just how much her cancer diagnosis had changed her life.

‘Cancer changed my life forever. It changes a whole family’s life forever. Not only did it take away my ability to have children again it has affected my daily life forever from the way I eat to the amount of time I can spend on my feet.’

She continued: ‘The scars and the daily side effects are just the physical reminders. The mental effects are with you forever. No matter how much you try to ignore it and carry on. You will carry that weight around forever. What it didn’t do however is take my life.’

On Sort Your Life Out, Stacey, Dilly, and a whole team of experts, help families de-clutter and reorganise the homes of families from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

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