Starfield is out in June claims insider as release date leak causes confusion
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 13
Starfield – is a second delay inevitable? (pic: Microsoft)

A recently spotted launch date for suggests Bethesda’s game will be out in June but there’s confusion as to how accurate it is.

After it was delayed out of 2022, Microsoft and Bethesda have said they’re committed to releasing within .

The game wasn’t mentioned during the Xbox January showcase but Microsoft pre-empted this by saying it would get its later.

Hopefully, that’s when Microsoft will announce a proper release date, and put fans out of their misery, but for now word has spread of a L***ed release date of June 29. Although it’s not clear if that’s accurate by accident or design.

The listing was spotted earlier this month by noted , but only got widespread attention over the weekend.

The date is believable, since it just about falls within Bethesda’s target window and Microsoft rarely releases its own exclusives on a Friday.

As discovered by Twitter user IdleSloth, the release date has been on the GOG Galaxy service since as early as July 12 last year, just a couple months after Starfield’s initial delay was announced.

It’s possible, but unlikely, that GOG knew the real release date that long ago but according to Windows Central’s Jez Corden, the game is due in June anyway.

‘I am of the opinion that Starfield’s going to drop in June,’ said Corden on the (at about the 1:42:56 mark). ‘Even though I’ve got a bet that it gets delayed beyond June. I think the latest information I’ve got suggests June for me.’

A second delay, which , wouldn’t be all surprising since Starfield is a significant title for Microsoft.

Aside from it being one of its few Xbox Series X/S exclusives (so no Xbox One version), it’s Bethesda’s first new franchise in over 20 years. It was and implied to be on par, and sharing many features with, The Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

At the time of writing, Microsoft and Bethesda have yet to announce when the Starfield showcase will take place. If they fail to share any sort of release window at that point, then that will only lend further credence to the claims of a delay.

Starfield launches for Xbox Series X/S and PC in 2023.

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