Steve Backshall takes 10 children on adventure learning to dive with sharks in new TV series
Posted by  badge Boss on Aug 31, 2023 - 10:58PM
Steve Backshall will be fronting a new series showing kids how to dive with sharks (Picture: BBC Studios)

Steve Backshall is going to be teaching a group of children to dive with .

, 50, is best known for his work on ’s Deadly 60 but has also been part of expedition teams in Lost Land of the Tiger, Lost Land of the , Deadly Dinosaurs and Lost Land of the Jaguar.

Now he is set to bring some kids along for the ride for a new ten-part series with CBBC, which will hit screens next month.

Deadly Mission Shark will see the presenter take 10 children on a deep dive into shark conservation, with the series through oceanic adventure in the Bahamas.

With 70 per cent of oceanic sharks lost in the last 50 years, .

Under Steve’s supervision, the children will be chosen to undertake a 10-day bootcamp at a shark sanctuary in the Bahamas where they will learn about the challenges sharks face and how they could help save them in the future.

The group will head to the Bahamas for the programme (Picture: BBC Studios)

During the bootcamp, the team will learn how to dive and how to interact with sharks.

The young advocates will also be actively involved in hands-on conservation projects, benefit from interactions with marine biologists, grasp the significance of shark habitats, and dive deep into Bahamian culture.

Director of BBC Children’s and Education Patricia Hidalgo said that ‘in a time where our natural world faces unprecedented challenges, Deadly Mission Shark aims not just to inform our younger audiences of the importance sharks have to our seas ecosystem, but will aim to inspire them to become defenders of these incredible creatures’.

‘Through Steve’s guidance and the passion of young participants, Deadly Mission Shark brings a thrilling adventure from the depths of the Bahamian oceans to audiences wherever they are across the UK,’ she added.

Deadly Mission Shark is streaming from Monday, September 4, on BBC iPlayer.