Steve-O regrets ‘ghosting’ Stacey Solomon: ‘I still beat myself up’
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 31, 2022 - 05:00PM
Stacey and Steve-O dated for six months in 2015 (Picture: Getty)

Steve-O has revealed just how much he regrets ‘ghosting’ Stacey Solomon, saying that he still beats himself up over their split.

The star and stuntman, 48, dated the star and TV personality for six months in 2015 after meeting on the second season of Channel 4 reality show The Jump.

The show, hosted by , saw celebrities take on a series of winter sport challenges with Steve-O, whose real name is Steven Glover, finishing 8th, and Stacey being eliminated in 10th (the eventual winner was ).

In his new book, A Hard Kick in the Nuts: What I’ve Learned from a Lifetime of Terrible Decisions, Steve reflected on their relationship, according to reports.

However, it appears that he regrets the way it ended.

‘I was smitten, I lavished her with attention, I got what I wanted and then I broke it off. I had become not only part of her life, I’d become part of her kids’ lives too. And then — poof — I was gone,’ he wrote, according to .

Steve-O says he still beats himself up over the nature of their split (Picture: Instagram/@StaceySolomon)

He then confesses to completely disappearing from their lives despite becoming a regular fixture for the Solomon family: ‘To this day, I still beat myself up about the way it went down.’

At the time, a representative for Stacey said: ‘Stacey and Steve-O are no longer together. Stacey is really hurt by the whole situation.’

Stacey soon began dating, and eventually married, fellow I’m A Celebrity contestant Joe Swash and apparently bears no ill will towards Steve-O these days.

Steve-O and Stacey are now both in much better places personally (Picture: Amy Sussman/Getty)

In the book, Steve says: ‘Ironically, I don’t think Stacey does [hate me]. We aren’t in touch any more, but she has corresponded with my family and seems to bear no ill toward me.’

In a typically self-deprecating way, Steve-O joked about Stacey’s forgiving nature: ‘She seems to be a happy person who can go through life without gigantic grudges, even when they might be totally justified. What a freak.’

Things have turned out well for Steve-O, too, and he’s currently engaged to stylist Lux Wright, 33. contacted reps of Steve-O for comment.