Stranger Things fans think Eddie Munson is still alive after watching this video of the cast
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 08
Eddie was a big fan favourite in Stranger Things season 4 (Picture: Netflix)

Hold onto your hats, fans – some viewers think they’ve exposed a potentially huge theory that could have massive ramifications for season 5.

At the end of season 4, (Joseph Quinn), who sacrificed himself in the Upside Down to save his Hellfire Club buddies.

He unleashed a to lure creatures of the Upside Down towards him, and then fought off as many as he could before they overwhelmed him.

He died in the arms of his friend Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), choking on his own blood after having his torso torn feasted upon by giant, evil bats.

But we’re in an age where, if somebody is willing to read between the lines and post about it on social media, their theories will gain huge traction.

And a new video featuring the Stranger Things cast, , has got fans talking up a storm in the comments.

Fans are hoping that the increased promotional focus on Eddie ever since the end of season 4 is a massive red herring being played by Netflix.

‘Is it just me or did this seem over the top and like one big joke on purpose? They’re really laying it on thick,’ one fan said.

They then speculated: ‘They’ve advertised the hell out of Eddie and the Hellfire Club this whole time, and now they’re constantly talking about him being dead.’

Eddie alongside his Hellfire Club buddies while planning to take down Vecna (Picture: Netflix)

Another fan backed up those comments by suggesting that Netflix was behaving ‘suspiciously’, while another implied that Netflix was keen to trick fans into thinking Eddie died.

In the comical memorial video, the cast of Stranger Things jokingly put on their best tearful faces to say farewell to Eddie, before Joseph Quinn makes an appearance.

Eddie channelled his inner Kirk Hammett to save his friends (Pictures: Netflix/Getty)

‘They’re doing this to throw us off, hopefully’, one fan said after watching the video. Another fan hoped that this signalled Eddie’s return.

It seems unlikely, however, given the circumstances of Eddie’s death, that Netflix is building up to anything major.

Unlike Jim Hopper (David Harbour) whose fate was left uncertain in season 3 having apparently ‘died’ off-screen, we were all witness to Eddie’s final breaths.

Still, the answer to the questions surrounding Eddie’s death will be answered when Stranger Things returns for its fifth and final season.

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