Sugababe or Inbetweeners star? All the clues and theories about The Masked Singer’s Bubble Tea
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 07
Who is popping off behind Bubble Tea’s mask? (Picture: ITV)

Bubble Tea is yet another character we just cannot put our finger on.

Judges , , , and were all left puzzled when the adorable star made their debut with a performance of Madonna’s Material Girl.

And while many viewers were certain no one could say for certain where from.

As the panel and attempted to piece the clues together, names such as Emily Atack and Georgia Toffolo were thrown into the mix.

But who is behind the mask? Let’s delve into the clues some more…

What clues are there for Bubble Tea’s identity?

  • They asked, ‘What’s popping?’ – could they be a pop star?
  • Someone who is a bouncy, bubbly personality.
  • ‘You bet you’ve heard all about me.’
  • A package in the VT read: ‘Emily Stella, Clapham Village Hotel, In betweeners the village hall & post office’.
  • ‘I’m an influencer Sugababe.’
  • A stereo was shown with a sign reading ‘Talk Ranio.’
  • Rita Ora’s song Praising You played in the background, is it someone who knows her?
  • Shot of a director’s chair covered in images of planets.
  • ‘When the bubbles swirl and the great wind whirls, I once leant my voice to the sound of lamb curls.’

Who could Owl on The Masked Singer be?

Heidi Range

Heidi Range was a strong guess after a certain Sugababes clue (Picture: Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock)

Rita Ora reckons the Sugababes nod in Bubble Tea’s clue package was ‘so on the nose’.

Therefore, she reckons Heidi Range could be behind the mask.

‘When I heard you sing, it really did resemble Heidi from the Sugababes,’ she said.

Liverpudlian pop star Heidi, 40, is famous for her angelic voice as a long-standing member of the Push The Button group.

So, is she back in the biz on The Masked Singer?

Georgia Toffolo

Can Georgia Toffolo sing? (Picture: Dave Shopland/REX/Shutterstock)

Mo Gilligan took a different route after noticing how the parcel in the VT was addressed to Clapham.

‘That is very close to Chelsea, it could be someone from Made in Chelsea, like Georgia Toffolo?’, he said.

This isn’t the first time someone has guessed 29-year-old Toff on The Masked Singer – but are they correct?

Emily Atack

The judges were very confident with their Emily Atack theory (Picture: David Fisher/Shutterstock)
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Jonathan Ross also noticed the address but picked up on what seemed to be an Inbetweeners reference.

‘It said Emily Stella. Well, Stella means, like, a star, so maybe it’s a star called Emily,’ he began.

Adding to his theory, Jonathan continued: ‘It said In betweeners, and so Emily from the Inbetweeners would be Emily Atack, and she can sing!’

Davina McCall agreed, with the Emily Atack theory off to a strong start.

Following on from the riddle – ‘When the bubbles swirl and the great wind whirls, I once leant my voice to the sound of lamb curls’ – the judges were all the more convinced on Emily.

They took ‘leant my voice’ to mean voiceover work, which Emily Atack has done too.

Of course,although we know The Masked Singer 2024 was filmed last year, meaning Emily, 34, is well and truly still in the running…

The Masked Singer continues on Saturday at 7pm on ITV1 and ITVX.