The Masked Singer viewers ‘can’t forgive’ series for shock elimination of legend
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 31, 2023 - 02:10AM
Who is under the Weather? (Literally, after tonight…) (Picture:ITV)

is back – but this singing icon didn’t last very long and has already been evicted from the show after just one performance.

Taking to the stage masked as Weather, this 83 year old sang her heart out – but it wasn’t enough, as the legendary singer received the fewest votes and was eliminated from the first round.

That’s right: Weather is Dionne Warwick. The Dionne Warwick was eliminated. Naturally, fans were outraged.

‘The fact they got rid of Weather – Dionne Warwick FIRST and kept Dippy Egg is insane,’ said X user Queenie_2312.

‘#MaskedSingerUK Audience, we can’t forgive you for that one. An actual legend…’ said @Popprince.

In a clue on the show to her identity, Weather said: ‘Sun, wind and rain are key parts of my core, but one of the panelists has seen me before.’

Dionne Warwick was eliminated first, people… (Picture: ITV)

Other hints including references to the singer being powerful and weathering the storm as well as nods to Blues music. 

But it was her voice that really gave it away…

Maypole, Dippy Egg, and Weather were all left in the bottom three in tonight’s episode, after failing to impress the audience.

But the panel – made up of Mo Gilligan, Davina McCall, Charlie Simpson and Jonathan Ross – saved Maypole and Dippy Egg, leaving Weather out of the competition.

Mystery stars still in the running for this year’s crown include those under the guise of Owl, Rat, Cricket, Piranha, , Maypole, Bigfoot, Chicken Caesar, Dippy Egg, Bubble Tea, and Air Fryer.

In case you think we are talking a load of gobbledygook and you aren’t familiar with the show, the premise is that various singers hide behind costumes and compete in an anonymous competition.

The best part of the show is the big reveal, when the mask comes off and we work out who the hell that familiar voice came from.

Past winners include Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts, Joss Stone, Natalie Imbruglia and panelist Charlie.

The manic  special which saw , beating everyone from  to  got everyone buzzing for the new season and it’s set to be a corker.

Rumours are whirring about who is who, with I’m A Celebrity’s Fred Sirieix predicted as Eiffel Tower because, well, he’s French.

Matt Lucas was a popular choice for Dippy Egg with the inclusion of cake and baking in his clues, given his Bake Off past.

Joel Dommet presents the singing show – and this was an explosive start (Picture: ITV)

People also reckon Gordon Ramsey could be giving this a go – perhaps in some sort of culinary costume.

Freddie Flintoff was rumoured to be behind the cricket insect mask, given his sporting history – but on tonight’s show judge Mo was more inclined to say it sounded like Levi Roots with a slight Caribbean twang in their singing voice.

Bigfoot could be a whole host of celebrities, but many people think it could be  – given his famously size 12 feet. The judges was a little baffled at this one tonight, so time will tell.

Host Jonathan Ross reckons his ‘best guess this year is Ryan Reynolds’.

‘He’s in Wrexham a lot of the time now. You never know. I mean he’s up for a laugh!’ he said. Wild.

Meanwhile, people reckon Kelly Brook could be Piranha, because she appeared in Piranha 3D in 2010.

As you can tell, the costumes are loaded with meaning so get your thinking masks on…

The Masked Singer airs every Saturday at 7pm