Tanya Reynolds and Melissa Saint share the secrets behind their I Hate You auditions: ‘I ate as many rice krispies as possible’
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 13, 2022 - 08:35PM
Tanya Reynolds and Melissa Saint shared what really went on during their audition tapes (Pictures: Channel 4)

From the creator of, has brought us a hilarious new sitcom starring ’s and Melissa Saint.

Starring as Charlie and Becca – two best friends navigating the world in their 20s – the pair deliver wild in-jokes, insane bickering and weird fights.

From pick-pocketing a police officer, to a crazy key game, Tanya and Melissa have captured all the weirdness (and silliness) that falls between best friends.

And it turns out that there was just as much ‘silliness’ off screen as there was on camera, starting from their auditions.

Speaking about her audition, Melissa revealed: ‘The tape that I decided to send off, I’d burnt like two tapes and decided I was happy with those, and my friend and I were like, “Shall we just do one where you eat as many of these rice krispies as possible,” and I was like, yeah, let’s do that.

‘It was like, I’ve done this thing already but now I’m just going to do it for the “lols” really, and then I finished that one and was like, “That’s the tape.”‘

The duo play Charlie and Becca (Picture: Natalie Seery)

Speaking about her audition tapes, Tanya added: ‘I feel in my experience, when you have a tape and you don’t do many takes, only one or two, it just feels right, those are the jobs you’re so much more likely to get.

‘But the ones for me, where I do hundreds of tapes and I get stressed, those are the ones I’m just not going to get.

‘I always know that if I’ve done five tapes or more, I almost know that I’m not going to get that job, whereas this felt natural, I am this character, I don’t feel like I’m having to stretch myself, to go somewhere I don’t already live, it just felt very natural.

The series sees the weird and wonderful that goes on between best friends (Picture: Channel 4 / Tereza Cervenova)

‘In the tape I for some reason was getting ready to go out, and [creator Robert Popper] always talks about how I was putting on a scarf in the tape in the first five seconds and he’s always like, “Oh man, five seconds in just watching you put that scarf on we just knew you were the one,” and I watched the tape back and thought what is it about me putting a scarf on that’s stuck in Robert’s mind?’

Tanya admitted that her tape, in comparison, was nowhere near as exciting, before going to reveal that her character is actually more exciting than her real self, as she branded herself ‘boring’.

‘Sadly the thing is, I am an incredibly boring human being, contrary to Charlie because even though she’s a mess, she has a lot more exciting storylines than I do,’ she told us.

Although Tanya and Melissa admitted their lives are more boring than Charlie and Becca’s (Picture: Channel 4 / Tereza Cervenova)

‘I mean the one thing I do have in common with Charlie to a really strong degree is how much she hates going out, like going to parties and gigs and things, she has a lot of misery around that, which I relate to a lot.’

Melissa agreed that her real-life friendships hardly relate to the ‘crazy things’ Charlie and Becca do, saying: ‘I don’t get up to the crazy things that these two get up to, which is why it’s really fun to play, there are people who exist like this, they exist and it’s absolutely not me and has never been me.’

‘The thing with this show is it is just sillyness,’ Tanya added.

‘There’s very limited sincerity and we’re not dealing with any issues, or talking about anything important.

‘We’re being stupid and irresponsible so I think that’s where the joy of the show is for me, it’s just stupid.’

I Hate You is available to watch on All4 and airs tonight on Channel 4 at 10pm.