Taylor Swift assembles own avengers at celeb-filled dinner with MCU’s Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 12
Taylor Swift grabbed dinner with her Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and other super friends (Picture: Roka/Backgrid)

Move over ’s girl squad, it’s time for a new era and this time she’s bringing the MCU with her as she grabs dinner with superhero stars.

The Timeless singer enjoyed a meal out in Manhattan as she was welcomed to by close friends and her husband Ryan Reynolds.

She’s currently on a break from the and getting ready for highly anticipated the release of .

With time to spare before she’s back on the road, grabbed dinner at Emilio’s Ballato restaurant.

Her star-studded pals raised eyebrows as she was also joined by fellow celebrities, , and .

Taylor is known for her friendship groups that span many Hollywood cliques but this collection of celebrities has a special, super twist.

Ryan and wife Blake rocked pastel outfits that gave Lover era (Picture: Roka/Backgrid)
Singer Taylor looked gorgeous in a grey dress (Picture: Roka/Backgrid)

Despite pausing production, rumours are swirling around names of the potential for the first Deadpool officially part of the

Ryan confirmed the n as Wolverine months ago, with the Aussie star before filming stopped.

Deadpool is a fun addition to the MCU with fourth wall breaking allows him to exist outside of the shiny Avengers world fans know and team up with lesser known mutants of the comics.

This is where the chosen dinner guests turns from a random assortment of celebrities into an assembly of heroes.

Fans may have forgotten that Channing Tatum was cast as mutant Gambit, with a solo film.

Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz popped out for the meal (Picture: Roka/Backgrid)
Model friend Cara Delevingne joined the party (Picture: Roka/Backgrid)

Gambit did appear in none other than X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which it’s thought Deadpool 3 could touch on – although he was portrayed by Taylor Kitsch.

A film had been announced by Marvel and added to the slate, with Channing in the titular role, but was dropped from releases in 2019.

Channing’s return in a possible revival was discussed as recently as 2022 with producer Reid Carolin describing it as R-rated and similar in tone to Deadpool.

Ramping up the Marvel links, Zoe Kravitz appeared in X-Men: First Class as Angel Salvadore, a mutant with wings and acid vomit.

In the Days of Future Past film, Angel is listed as one of the mutants experimented on by Trask when Wolverine visits the lab.

If you’re still with us, here’s where things get a little more out there as Taylor herself has been suggested to make her MCU debut in Deadpool 3 as Dazzler.

Deadpool 3 had just started filming when SAG-AFTRA strikes began (Picture: Marvel Enterprises/20th Century Fox/Kobal/REX)

Best friend Gigi is not known as an actress but recently revealed she had been but rejected more ‘obvious’ roles.

That just leaves Cara, who is, as our outlier since she appeared in the heavily criticised Suicide Squad, which is a DC property.

However, with and that film all but scrubbed from the canon by , it’s entirely possible she could take a role in the MCU.

She did say back in 2015 that superhero films are ‘sexist’ before joining Suicide Squad but Deadpool couldn’t be further away from that forgotten flop.

For now, we will put the tin foil hat away and choose to believe this was an innocent dinner among famous friends.