‘The battle has begun’ – How to fight your way to the top of the Mythic Legends leaderboard
Posted by  badge Boss on May 19
Fight your way to the top of the leader board on free-to-play fantasy game Mythic Legends (pic: Outfit7)

Have you ever thought of assembling a mighty army that an empire has ever seen? Do you consider yourself to be a master of strategy? Whether you’re a casual player or take a hardcore approach, Mythic Legends is the highly-anticipated fantasy strategy game that’s sure to keep you entertained.  

This first title from Hyper Dot Studios challenges players to battle against a huge line up of Champions in order to develop their skills, increase their power and conquer a series of realms. Unlike many other real-time strategy games, with you can take on other players online to see how your team of Champions measure up.

While this is an easy-to-learn game, mastering it takes thoughtful strategy and skill. If you’re just a casual player, it can liven up your commute. If you’re a dedicated gamer, your gameplay could see you rise in the ranks to become a leading Mythic Legend.

Looking to gain some clout with your fellow players? Enable Ranked Mode to get yourself on the leaderboard. Once there, here are a few tips on fighting your way to the top.

Fight your way to the top of the leader board on free-to-play fantasy game Mythic Legends (pic: Outfit7)

Choose your team carefully.

In a game packed full of important choices, assembling the right team of Champions is the most crucial to your success. Choosing to put two knights up front, for example, gets you a Class Synergy which works to your advantage – giving you special bonuses. Every Champion belongs to one Class and one Origin.

Be sure to pay extra attention to the Class of your Champions. Knights are big, slow and have lots of Health to provide protection on the front lines. Bladesmasters are faster so they can inflict more damage on your opponents, making them also a good choice for up front.

Most efficient on the front line is a Beastmaster who can go between ranged attacks to melee attacks should the beast they’ve mounted be defeated.

Then, Rangers are the ones who can shoot over your foremen, inflicting damage from a distance. Sorcerers can damage a bunch of your opponent’s Champions at once while Assassins deliver target attacks over enemy lines.

Taking care of those on your ranks are Priests who can restore Health to your fighters while Summoners and Shapeshifters can add a tactical surprise to your ranks.

Take on other players online to show off your acquired skills, but remember to choose your moves carefully (pic: Outfit7)

If you add in someone from the same background, you could then claim an Origin Synergy, which can also play to your advantage. The more from the same origin you add, the more the synergy icon fills up.

The more of these synergies you have in your wheelhouse, the more of an advantage you’ll have over your opponents.

Level up your Legend as soon as you can.

When you start, you can place a limited number of Champions on the board. If you want to add even more, you’ll need to upgrade your Legend first. This happens when you’ve earned enough gold and Character Cards.

Side note: even though your Legend doesn’t fight on the board, they can give boosts to your Champions when fighting.

Once your Legend had upgraded, you can add another Champion to your roster. Just like your Legend, the Champions can also be upgraded to increase their stats. This too happens through collecting gold and the right Character Cards.

Know the strengths of your Champions.

To get the most out of the team of Champions you’ve assembled, you’ll need to know their strengths. Each of them performs differently in battle and this is determined by their Health, Defence, Attack Speed, Damage, Damage Per Second (DPS) and Attach Range.

As you upgrade your Champions, these stats will improve to give you more of an advantage over your opponents.

Legends give your Champions special abilities, like Diabhal who improves their ability to dodge attacks (pic: Outfit7)

Complete your daily and weekly quests.

To gain additional rewards and Battle Points, be sure to complete the quests that are laid out each day and each week.

Use your Artifacts wisely.

Giving you an extra boost to increase your Champions’ likelihood of success, Artifacts and increase their power, survivability, speed and more. Once you’ve used them, you don’t get to keep them after. They’re used to up your prestige.

Choosing the right Artifact for the right Champion can make the difference between winning and losing. Each one has a different effect, with some effecting Champions of specific Origins or specific Class.

Cheer for your heroes!

While the fights are fully automated, it can’t hurt to cheer on your team. Watch as they fight it out on the battleground and see if you’ve done enough to have your Champions emerge victorious.

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