The Crown fans crying as season 6 trailer reveals first look at Princess Diana’s death
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 27

The official trailer for season 6 has been released, and it has revealed a first look at how the drama will depict the death of .

The final season of the acclaimed series is due to come out later this year in two parts, with returning as II, in addition to as Prince Charles and as the Princess of Wales.

A new trailer stresses how shortly before Diana’s death at the age of 36 in 1997, she was constantly being followed by a sea of paparazzi, who had no qualms about intruding on her personal life.

It begins with Diana sitting pensively at a piano, saying in a voiceover: ‘I don’t really understand how I ended up here.’

She’s then seen sitting on the edge of a yacht’s diving board on her own, before being shown going for a jog with a companion, as numerous cameras snap away at her.

The princess continues: ‘Dashing around, and losing sight of myself in the process. You know I think that’s been the story of my whole life.’

The final season of The Crown will cover Diana’s death in 1997 (Picture: Netflix)

In a symbolic shot that’s bound to represent the dual nature of Diana’s role in society – as simply Diana, and as the globally famous Princess of Wales – she’s seen at the piano again, while her reflection towers over her on the lid of the grand instrument.

Imelda’s Queen Elizabeth II is informed about how Diana’s personal life has been the talk of the town in the newspapers, while the princess is portrayed appearing anxious over the constant attention.

‘All one wants is for that girl to find peace,’ the monarch says, before Diana is seen in a car, as photographers on motorbikes bang on the windows.

In a phone call to her sons Prince Harry and Prince William, she insists to them that she’s ok, despite it clearly not being the case.

The Queen and Princess Diana have a one-on-one conversation (Picture: Netflix)

Set to the tune of a cover of Tears for Fears’ Mad World, the trailer shows Diana and the Queen sharing a one-on-one conversation, with the head of the Royal Family saying: ‘You’ve finally succeeded in turning this house upside down. It’s nothing less than revolution.’

‘That was never my intention,’ Diana insists in response.

Then, one night, a house is shown being woken up to the sound of an incessant phone call – presumably signifying the moment that members of the family learnt of Diana’s death.

Prince Charles is shown trying to console a teenage Prince William, while the Queen watches the news.

Dominic’s Charles looks tearful, perhaps after finding out Diana has died (Picture: Netflix)

A news reporter says on the TV: ‘Set against a background of raw emotion, the Royal Family remains silent.’

‘What do people want from me?’ the Queen asks, as Charles replies: ‘For you to be mother to the nation.’

Snippets of Diana’s life are shown one after the other, including when she walked through a minefield and when crowds of adoring fans showered her with love.

‘You’ve seen the images on the television. Diana gave people what they needed,’ Charles can be heard saying, as people dressed in black clearly mourn her death.

Sir Jonathan Pryce reprises his role as Prince Philip (Picture: Netflix)

‘All over the world in their thousands. They adored her for it.’

Then, while on the phone, Charles says while seemingly referring to Diana’s funeral: ‘This is going to be the biggest thing that any of us has ever seen.’

The final image of the trailer returns to the start, when Diana was sitting on the edge of the diving board, legs dangling as the sea peacefully lapped underneath her.

The Crown season 6 will be released on Netflix in two parts this year, on November 16 and on December 14.