The Crown: Who is Jonny Lee Miller, who plays John Major in season 5?
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Jonny Lee Miller stars as Sir John Major on The Crown (Picture: Getty)

Jonny Lee Miller is set to make his debut in the upcoming season of as former Prime Minister Sir John Major.

The fifth chapter focuses on the 1990s and sees the third set of performers take on the roles of the late Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, .

 takes over from Olivia Coleman, alongside Sir Jonathan Pryce, as they, who died in April 2021.

 andare also new as the then Prince Charles and his soon-to-be ex-wife Princess Diana, with, Princess Margaret.

The series will follow the breakdown of Charles and Diana’s marriage, as well as feature Scan**lous moments 

Who is Jonny Lee Miller?

Jonny was previously married to Maleficent actress Angelina Jolie (Picture: Shutterstock)

The British actor, 49, was born on November 15 1972 in Kingston-upon-Thames and was raised in South West London.

Jonny was previously married to Hollywood icon Angelina Jolie in 1996 – after working together on the action 1995 flick Hackers – but separated in 2000.

In 2006 he began dating model and Law and Order actress Michele Hicks, and they share a son.

The couple divorced in 2018.

What other movies and TV shows has he been in?

Jonny has appeared in several TV shows including Casualty (Picture: BBC)

Jonny earned critical acclaim in recent years for his role as Sherlock Holmes in the US series Elementary, an updated version of the classic detective tale starring Lucy Liu as a gender-swapped Joan Watson and Natalie Dormer as Jamie Moriarty, from 2012 until 2019.

Before that, he had brief cameos in Doctor Who, EastEnders, Casualty and Prime Suspect.

However, all eyes will be on him as he plays Sir John in Netflix’s The Crown.

Sir John was Prime Minister from 1990 to 1997. He previously served as Chancellor of the Exchequer and Foreign Secretary under the Thatcher government from 1987 to 1990.

The former PM has voiced his opinion over the latest season of the royal drama, after branding it a ‘barrel-load of nonsense peddled for no other reason than to provide maximum – and entirely false – dramatic impact’.

In his letter, Sir John wrote: ‘Netflix may well take the view that any publicity is good publicity.

‘But I assure them it is not – most especially when it disrespects the memory of those no longer alive, or puts words into the mouths of those still living and in no position to defend themselves.

‘Fiction should not be paraded as fact.’

The Crown is available to stream on Netflix.