The Masked Dancer: Who is Odd Socks? All the clues and theories
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 03, 2022 - 08:52PM
Who’s the celebrity hiding as the Odd Socks? (Picture: PA)

The Masked Dancer is back for its second series on ITV, and Odd Socks is one of the 12 undercover celebrities strutting their stuff, as judges , , and Peter Crouch do their best to guess their identities.

The guesses have been coming in thick and fast for Odd Socks, with viewers leaning towards it being Nadia Sawalha or Emma Willis under the mask.

The series, a spin-off of the ever popular Masked Singer, has bagged itself a primetime Saturday night slot this year after debuting on screens in the summer of 2021 – and you can expect a clash of the titans as it goes head to head with .

But just who is behind Odd Socks’ mask? Here are the clues we’ve been given to their identity so far, and theories about who it might be…

What clues have been given about Odd Socks on The Masked Dancer?

Here’s what we know about the mystery person under the Odd Socks costume so far:

  • Turns up in lots of surprising places – could be someone with many different jobs
  • Warm, cosy and likes to dip her toe in different adventures
  • Her feet have carried her in one big circle – possibly someone from The Circle?
  • Soap powder in the background – possibly a soap star?
  • Laundry in the background could point to an EastEnders star
  • ‘I “nose” how to stiff out talent like a pair of stinky socks’

Who is Odd Socks on The Masked Dancer?

Emma Willis

Do the clues point to Emma Willis being under the Odd Socks mask? (Picture: PA)

Fans were convinced Emma Willis could be under the Odd Socks mask due to the clues pointing to The Circle, which Emma hosts.

The Odd Socks also hinted they might have a talent show connection, with Emma famously hosting The Voice as well.

She is also well known for a host of different presenting roles, so it seems the clues do line up for Emma Willis so far.

Nadia Sawalha

Is Nadia really the Odd Socks? (Picture: REX)

With the Odd Socks having a heap of different roles under her belt, it could point to Nadia Sawalha.

The soap connection would make sense as she is a former EastEnders star – a soap which has a famous launderette which would be full of odd socks.

Nadia also appeared on The Circle alongside her fellow Loose Women panellist Kaye Adams, so the clues are adding up.

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The Masked Dancer continues on Saturdays at 6.30pm on ITV

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