The Office star shares heartwarming note he received on a napkin from flight attendant
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 21
Rainn Wilson starred as Dwight Schrute in the hit sitcom (Picture: Getty)

Rainn Wilson is super thankful to have been a part of a show like

The 58-year-old – who played Dwight Schrute in the hit version of– took to X, formerly known as Twitter, on Friday to share an adorable note given to him by a flight attendant.

The message, written on a napkin, read: ‘The Office got me through some of the darkest days of my life. I can’t thank you enough for that,’ signing off as ‘Sincerely, Melanie’, who works with Alaska Airlines.

Rainn captioned a picture of the note: ‘I didn’t even see who dropped this on my lap at the PDX airport but I greatly appreciate the sentiment, flight attendant Melanie of Alaska Airlines.

‘So humbled to be a part of a show that affected, touched, comforted and inspired. And continues to do so! It’s so f**king rare.’

‘A continuous Thank you to the whole Office family, cast, writers, crew and especially AUDIENCE! (Note: this is not an open invitation to give me notes on napkins!),’ he continued.

An Alaska Airlines flight attendant sent The Office US star a note thanking him for getting her through ‘some of the darkest days’ of her life (Picture: Rainn Wilson/X)
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Despite Rainn being thankful for notes like the above, he , which also starred the likes of Steve Carell, Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski and Kate Flannery.

In a July 2023 episode of Bill Maher’s Club Random podcast episode, he told the host: ‘When I was in The Office, I spent several years really mostly unhappy because it wasn’t enough.

‘I was making hundreds of thousands. I wanted millions, and I was a TV star, but I wanted to be a movie star. It was never enough.’

Rainn reflected that he was working with A-listers but still felt unfulfilled.

He added: ‘This is what I’m looking at now and realising now: I’m on a hit show, Emmy nominated every year, making lots of money working with, like, Steve Carell and Jenna Fisher and John Krasinski and these amazing writers and incredible directors like Paul Feig. I’m on one of the great TV shows. People love it. I wasn’t enjoying it.’

The actor joked ‘this is not an open invitation to give me notes on napkins!’ (Picture: Taylor Hill/Getty Images)
Rainn said he’s ‘so humbled to be a part of a show that affected, touched, comforted and inspired’ so many people (Picture: Chris Haston/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

The US version of The Office continues to be loved around the world.

Website , which describes itself as the ‘worldwide leader in fan-powered rankings’, recently created a list titled ‘The 440+ Best Binge Worthy Shows Of All Time’… and there were some brilliant contenders on there, The Office included.

behind Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and Breaking Bad in the list.

The US sitcom first aired on NBC in 2005 before the finale was broadcast on May 16, 2013.