The Simpsons fans declare one eerie prediction the ‘best ever’
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 06
The Simpsons fans have their say on the ‘best’ predictions from the show (Picture: Fox)

bosses have unwittingly got a reputation for predicting some of the biggest events in the world years before they happen – but there is one that fans have dubbed the most ‘impactful’ yet.

Over the last 35 seasons, ’s presidency, aspects of the global pandemic, last year’s submersible tragedy and even drama surrounding a radioactive fish.

Showrunner , vowing that they don’t secretly have a crystal ball tucked away in the studio.

However, viewers couldn’t help but discuss the prophecies so far, and which have been the best ones yet.

In a post on the Simpsons Reddit page, PAUMiklo questioned: ‘What has been the most iconic “Simpsons predicted it” moment for you?’

Reeseaholic couldn’t help but draw parallels between season 12 episode The Computer Wore Menace Shoes – in which Homer started posting Scan**lous gossip to his infamous Mr X website – and , which was unveiled simply as X last year.

Homer Simpson rebranded as Mr X briefly (Picture: Fox)

‘Mr X and the rise of fake news on the internet spreading way faster than real news,’ they penned. ‘I get a 1000 hits an hour with grade A bull plop.’

Canadianbacon-eh-tor replied: ‘Ugh forgot about that episode. That has to be the most impactful prophesy of them all.

‘Maybe a giant bubble can stop it.’

While we’re awaiting the arrival of the giant bubble from the Simpsons movie, one viewer couldn’t help .

Holyfruits shared a screenshot from season nine premiere, The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson, showing a magazine cover image of New York, with the price tag of $9 right next to the Twin Towers, making it look like 9/11 – the day of the September 11 terror attacks.

Beside the image, they penned: ‘This one was pretty eerie.’

Nox_n2o_93 responded: ‘The homeless/crazy man talking to Lisa on the bus mentions the Pentagon a few minutes after this too. All a coincidence, but still crazy.’

As GroovyDeathSkull added: ‘It is crazy that that’s real.’

Showrunner Al Jean admitted that this scene became ‘too eerie for words’ (Picture: Fox)

with, admitting that it was ‘too eerie for words’ looking back.

‘There was one, I didn’t work on this, but it was just too eerie for words,’ he told us. ‘In the 90s, we did an episode about the World Trade Centre.

‘There was a handbook held up that said, “New York on $9 a day”. Then it had the two Towers, so it looked like a 9/11.

‘That was completely coincidental, that was bizarre. I don’t know, I can’t explain that.’

What will they predict next…? (Picture: Fox)

‘Most of the other things like Trump being President or Brazil winning the world cup are educated guesses,’ added. ‘Trump was considering being President back in the 90s.

‘We wanted Germany to win because we went to Brazil to lose and Germany was the next best bet for the World Cup.

‘So, a lot of the things that we predicted are just, unfortunately, things you could see coming.’