The Simpsons fans horrified by discovery about the Homer Simpson meme
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 20
The Simpsons have been shocked finding out how old a scene that spawned a famous meme is (Picture: Fox)

fans after a classic Homer meme is now 30 years old.

The animated sitcom first hit screens in 1989, with 762 episodes of the show broadcast since then.

Although the series has generated over the years, some of its iconic scenes have also been transformed into hugely popular memes in recent times.

One of the most recognisable that has taken off on has been Homer backing into a bush looking somewhat embarrassed.

In a 1994 episode titled Home Loves Flanders, Homer decided to surprise his neighbour and attempt to hang out together.

With Ned Flanders and his sons playing basketball in their driveway, Homer asked what they’re up to for the day before Ned awkwardly said they had ‘family only plans’.

It unfolded in a 1994 episode where Homer got a bit too obsessed with neighbour Ned Flanders (Picture: Fox)

After realising he wasn’t welcome Homer declared ‘ohhh ok’ before backing back into the hedge separating their properties.

The scene taken off as a meme in recent years, however people were taken aback after discovering just how old it is.

‘It’s unbelievable that one of the most iconic memes from The Simpsons is actually 30 years old. This show was certainly ahead of its time,’ user Srivats posted on X.

Ned was pretty creeped out by Homer’s keenness to hang out (Picture: Fox)

‘I refuse to believe this was three decades ago,’ John shared.

‘Excuse me? How many years ago??? Wow I feel absolutely old and decrepit,’ Tom explained.

Meanwhile Chris added: ‘Very proud to have lived through this defining moment in pop culture history.’

As one user also said: ‘30 years ago the Simpsons predicted adult millennials.’

Many viewers couldn’t believe how old the scene was (Picture: X)
This person said finding out the origin of the meme was ‘surreal’ (Picture: X)
Another said the episode was a classic (Picture: X)
However this person said the scene wasn’t actually that funny (Picture: X)

The sixteenth episode of the fifth season, Homer Loves Flanders began with Ned inviting Homer to a football game and the two soon became good friends.

However, in a reversal of their usual roles, Ned soon grew weary of Homer’s overbearing friendship and stupid antics, and began to hate him.

The meme first appeared online back in 2010 but took off two years later when users were able to add their own backgrounds into the bush.

A showrunner said the meaning had changed over the years too (Picture: 20thCentFox/ Everett/ Shutterstock)

However, in an interview with , former The Simpsons showrunner David Mirkin said he was surprised at the new meaning of the meme as the scene was originally intended to be quite creepy.

‘What’s really interesting is the meme really has nothing to do with the way it was used in the show, because it’s not a retreat or an embarrassment, as it’s used — it was really just an ominous, threatening look and a very weird backing up while never breaking eye contact with Flanders,’ he said.

‘So, it’s great the way it’s been changed, but it’s not the original intention.’

He noted that while people had reinterpreted Homer’s expression as one of shame it was actually ‘a creepy stalker energy instead of an embarrassed, retreating energy’.

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