The Traitors star relishes huge change in new series: ‘It’s not I’m A Celebrity’
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 05
The Traitors star Aubrey has revealed his thoughts on the show’s first twist (Picture: BBC)

The first ‘murdered’ player has spoken out about a huge twist this series – that in the very first episode.

’s hit murder mystery has, with four Traitors hoping to take home up to £120,000 by murdering or banishing the Faithful.

One by one, in the night or eliminated after heated debate, and have shared just as many twists as the opening series.

But not one some contestants were expecting.

Ahead of their money-making challenges, the players, having just met each other, were ordered to line-up outside the from who they thought was most likely to succeed to who would fail.

‘,’ one could be heard saying moments into the episode.

‘Not the dreaded line’ (Picture: BBC)
Claudia Winkleman had another surprise in store (Picture: BBC)

And having prepared from last year’s outcome, some may have expected a shocking twist to send two of them home.

But Aubrey, who later did become the first sent home, knew it wouldn’t be so ‘boring’.

He told ‘I knew they wouldn’t do that. It’s not the jungle, I’m A Celebrity, they do the same old thing.

‘I knew they wouldn’t do the same thing because it’s boring.

‘And how Claudia did it was fantastic, you know, “as if we’re going to do that again”.’

‘I knew they wouldn’t do the same thing because it’s boring.’ (Picture: The Traitors)
Aubrey was the first player ‘murdered’ (Picture: BBC)
The four Traitors remain in the game (Picture: BBC)

He went on: ‘I thought they wouldn’t repeat that again.’

But that wasn’t the only surprise Aubrey faced. After just hours and a ‘shambolic’ challenge, he was the first to be ‘murdered’ by the Traitors, and it’s not something he was expecting.

Reflecting on his exit, he told us: ‘If I go back from the day before, when we did the challenge in the lake, it doesn’t really show me in the water, but if it wasn’t for me swimming out to one of the pontoons to make the puzzle – and I did it on my own because the others were going round and round in the boat, it was shambles.’

He went on: ‘That’s why I wanted to do The Traitors, because I like activities like that, everybody was saying, “You were fantastic, you didn’t tell us you could swim like this, like a dolphin,” so I thought I’ll be fine.

The challenge was a ‘shambles’ (Picture: BBC)
Aubrey partly applied to The Traitors for the activities, and showed off how important he was to the team (Picture: BBC)
‘I don’t blame them for getting rid of me’ (Picture: BBC)

‘They’d want to keep the strong ones in, so let’s just say I was a little surprised.’

Despite that, Aubrey insists ‘it was meant to be’ and he won by just being on the reality programme.

Though, had he stayed in the game, the 67-year-old retired shop owner thinks he would have sussed the truth.

Despite not spotting any clues to who the real Traitors were, Aubrey said: ‘I don’t blame them for getting rid of me because I would have sussed them out, I know I would have.

‘And they know that – I’m no fool. And eventually, I would have found out.’

The Traitors is available to watch on BBC iPlayer and continues on Wednesday at 9pm on BBC One.