The Undertaker’s new project leaves baffled WWE fans wondering if On***ans is next
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 22, 2023 - 11:09AM
The Undertaker has revealed an unexpected new venture (Picture: WWE)

The Undertaker has announced a surprising new career move and fans are having an absolute field day.

The Dead Man, whose real name is Mark Calaway, has been pulling back the curtain in recent years and showing fansr but his latest project has fans wondering if On***ans could be in his future.

This week, the Phenom has launched his own Patreon account promising behind the scenes stories from his illustrious career, but the internet has done its thing and taken it all in a very different direction.

‘Now this is a sentence I never thought I’d see,’ wrote one fan responding to the news, while another has already jokingly branded the project his ‘OnlyTakers’.

‘Well this wasn’t on my bingo card,’ admitted a third fan, as someone else simply quipped: ‘OF next?’

‘Finally undertaker only fans praise the lord,’ joked another similarly minded follower, with a different person taking it to another level as they teased: ‘So we gettin taker nudes?’

The Phenom is going to share some exclusive stories from his time in the ring (Picture: WWE)

Despite everyone having a good laugh at the announcement – including other jokes about ‘feet pics’ and ‘The Undertaker’s dong’ (his entrance music, right?) – the idea behind his Patreon is much less X-rated.

‘Hey everybody! Mark Calaway, AKA The Undertaker, and I am really excited because I’ve been working on a project and it’s called Six Feet Under,’ he said in an Instagram Story announcing the project.

‘There, you’re gonna receive exclusive content, not only my wrestling career – my person life, my views on things. Just a whirlwind on all things Mark Calaway.’

The Dead Man has been giving fans a peek behind the curtain (Picture: WWE)
He recently made a surprise appearance on NXT (Picture: WWE)

The launch comes hot on the heels of Undertaker’s most recent WWE TV appearance as he on a stacked episode of NXT earlier this month.

It’s been a strange time for the Dead Man since his retirement at the end of 2020, as he’s given fans an insight into the real man behind wrestling’s most iconic character while admitting he in the ring.

‘In my heart, I wasn’t ready to do it but in my mind I knew I had to. It’s been a difficult transition because if I physically could, I would still be going,’ he exclusively told over the summer.

‘But I can’t put on a match the way people expect to see The Undertaker wrestle. There’s no sense in tarnishing the legacy, or cashing in on the equity that I built up.’

He’s also been touring the world with his 1 deadMAN SHOW events, sharing stories from his career in an intimate setting.

‘You’re seeing a side of me that I protected for over 30 years. All I ever gave anybody was The Undertaker character,’ he added. ‘I don’t take myself as seriously as I once did. I’m not afraid to poke fun at myself, and tell stories about my failures and stupidity.’