TV presenter slides off stage after getting a bit too excited live on air
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 03

A veteran presenterafter falling off a stage while live on air.

Rove McManus, who previously hosted the comedy talk shows Rove and Rove LA, appeared on the lateston Friday.

But despite his extensive experience Rove, 50, seemingly forgot that the set of his show was on a platform.

Learning the hard way, he was about to cut to an ad break .

Excitedly rolling back in is chair and throwing his hands in the air, Rove dropped, just managing to gain his footing and avoid toppling onto the ground as his chair hit the floor.

After the initial shock, his co-hosts Georgie Tunny, Michael Hing and Susie Youssef burst out laughing before Rove made it clear he was ok.

TV presenter Rove McManus has taken a tumble live on air (Picture: Channel Ten)

Returning after the break, Rove issued an update.

‘I’m OK. Any keen-eyed viewers, this is why when you say “We’ll be right back”, you don’t just switch. You should stay watching,’ he began.

‘Because I nearly hurt myself as we threw to the break.

The Project star was left red-faced after the incident (Picture: Channel Ten)

‘I didn’t realise the stage we’re sitting on doesn’t go all the way to the back! As I was doing it, I thought, “This is going on for a bit” I nearly hurt myself.’

As Georgie pointed out, none of the other panellists immediately jumped to his ‘aid’ and were instead in stitches at what had just played out.

Soon after the show’s official social media pages shared a clip of the incident and joked: ‘Well, that’s our 2024 highlights package sorted.’

Rove was the host of the hit comedy variety show Rove Live in the early 2000s (Picture: Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

Over the years The Project has provided no shortage of hilarious moments and shocking on-air confessions from the presenters.

Most recently comedian Michael found himself in hot water twice in the space of two weeks.

The first time around he admitted on air he’d broken the law by distilling spirits in his home once to save money.

The following week he then revealed he wouldn’t mind being stung by a jellyfish so someone could pee on him to try and numb the pain.

The Project airs on Channel 10 in Australia.