TV star, 84, forced to ‘crawl’ on his stomach for an hour to get help after horror fall
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 21
Radio and TV legend Phil Brady suffered a horrific accident (Picture: 3AW)

Radio and TV legend Phil Brady has opened up about that left him ‘crawling’ for help.

The 84-year-old presenter and broadcaster has Moneymakers and Everybody’s Talking, and radio programme Remember When on 3AW.

Last week, he suffered an accident that left him dragging himself up his driveway so he could call for help.

Brady suffered and now needs a replacement after he fell when his dog lurched during a walk at night.

‘I had to crawl on my belly from the garden to reach my phone and I could only do that by pulling on different plans in the garden along the way to help me move forward inch by inch,’ he’s said in a new interview.

‘It was agony. I am alive though and that is all that matters.’

His ‘beloved’ golden retriever Oro, who he regularly walks at night, has a habit of jumping up and barking at people walking home outside their gate, Brady explained to .

‘I thought I had better restrain him by his collar and he went one way and I went the other and I ended up crashing hard on the concrete,’ he continued, recalling the accident at 1am.

It took him almost an hour to reach his phone in the house, so he could call for help.

Brady underwent surgery after being taken to hospital by ambulance and is now in rehabilitation.

However, he hopes to be back on air in just weeks, insisting: ‘I am a tough old thing.’

Brady occasionally appeared on children’s programme The Tarax Show as Prince Phillip and regularly featured on In Melbourne Tonight with Graham Kennedy.