Ulrika Jonsson, 55, relieved as menopause treatment hasn’t affected sex drive: ‘I still feel as naughty as ever’
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 26, 2022 - 08:19PM
Ulrika Jonsson is still open to a younger man (Picture: Getty Images)

Ulrika Jonsson may be going through menopause but she’s assured that her sexual appetite is still as robust as before. 

The former Gladiators presenter is currently single and has been open about her dating journey in recent years, even going on in hopes of finding love again. 

At the age of 55, she’s now experiencing menopause symptoms and having HRT (hormone replacement therapy) to combat the onset. 

Fortunately for Ulrika, she’s still enjoying sex and is on the lookout for a younger man. 

‘I’ve been dating the last year and a half, on and off… In terms of younger men, it’s not so much about preferring sex with them, but I have been dating younger,’ she . 

‘I’m not ageist by any means. I’m an equal opportunities dater, so by all means, apply! I’m 55 now, but I feel rejuvenated and energetic.’ 

Ulrika, 55, is undergoing HRT to combat the menopause symptoms (Picture: Rex Features)
The former Gladiators presenter has been open about her dating life in recent years (Picture: Getty Images for Royal Ascot)

Sharing an insight into her sex drive, the presenter added: ‘I genuinely still feel as naughty silly and ridiculous as I ever did. I’m having HRT [hormone replacement therapy] for the menopause, but it hasn’t impacted my sex life at all.’ 

Ulrika revealed that while she would love to have a partner, it most likely won’t be ‘in a conventional way’. 

It comes months after the TV star revealed her account had been blocked on dating app Hinge, leaving her completely stumped as to why. 

Ulrika is relieved the menopause hasn’t impacted her sex life (Picture: @ulrikajonssonofficial, Instagram)

‘Your account has been removed,’ a message from the service read. 

‘You have been banned from using Hinge for violating our Terms of Service,’ it also stated. 

Ulrika added in her own caption in the Instagram story: ‘Nice one Hinge. No reason. Maybe you should spend a bit more time banning the countless catfish I’ve had to endure.

‘I await your response Hinge.’ 

She later said that she suspected someone had been impersonating her on the dating app.

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