Valorant Episode 5 Act 3: Harbor’s abilities, battle pass and release date
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 13
Water-bender Agent Harbor is almost here! (pic: Riot Games)

Episode 5 Act 3 of Valorant will start in less than a week, bringing with it a revamped battle pass and brand new character Harbor.

It’s time for another era in Valorant to start, as Episode 5 will officially close with Act 3, having already delivered and numerous .

New agents getting added to the game are always one of the things that players anticipate the most when an Act begins. In this case, Act 3 will bring an agent called Harbor to the game, boosting the total number of playable characters to 21. 

Now, let’s see when the game will enter this new era, and most importantly, when you can start stacking up those kills while playing as Harbor. 

When does Valorant Episode 5 Act 3 start? 

Valorant’s Episode 5, titled Dimension, is the game’s fifth and current episode that started in June 2022. 

With this update, Episode 5 will enter its third act, which will also be its last as they usually come in threes.

Riot Games has officially confirmed that Episode 5 Act 3 will kick off on Tuesday, October 18, which means you have less than a week to complete the current battle pass before the goodies it carries vanish forever.  

Like previous acts, this one will also introduce a new battle pass and a new character: Harbor. 

Who is Harbor and what are his abilities in Valorant? 

Before his name got unveiled, Harbor was dubbed Agent 21, and has been one of the most speculated and talked about characters in Valorant.  

After numerous teasers and leaks, players worked out that he was a Controller-type agent and that he had Indian roots, with his real name being Varun Atra. He’ll join Valorant on the same day Act 3 begins, on October 18. 

Harbor’s cinematic trailer not only confirmed that he hails from India’s coast, but that he also takes to the field wielding ancient technology that works with water.

He also appears in a motorbike chase where he uses his bracelet to create a wave-like roadblock to knock out his enemies. 

It’s revealed that the bracelet has been allowing him to manipulate water sources, after he found it in Mumbai, India while he was on a special mission. 

Here are all of Harbor’s abilities and how you can play them: 

  • High Tide (E) 

When you play this move, Harbor equips a wall of water, which he can send forward along the ground to hit and slow down enemy squads. You can guide the water in the direction of your crosshair, passing through the world, and spawning a wall along the water’s path. High Tide also has an alt fire mode which allows Harbor to stop the water early while bending. 

  • Cove (Q) 

Cove allows Harbor to create a sphere of shielding water, which upon impacting the grown, spawns a water shield that blocks bullets. You can either choose to throw it directly or do an underhand throw through alt firing. 

  • Cascade (C) 

Continuing with the water theme, when playing this ability Harbor creates a wave of water which he can use to slow down enemy squads, by sending the wave forward and through walls. When you press ‘C’ twice, it stops the wave from moving further.  

  • Reckoning (X) 

Harbor’s ultimate ability allows him to equip the full power of his artifact, aka his power-bearing bracelet, by summoning a geyser pool on the ground. Enemy players in the area are targeted by successive geyser strikes, and those unlucky enough to get caught within a strike are concussed. 

Harbor summoning his Ultimate (pic: Riot Games)

Water bender Harbor has the potential to become one of the game’s most deadly Controller Agents, even challenging the likes of Viper.

The last Controller to join the game was Astra, whose abilities and powers relate to cosmic energies, and along with Harbor they bring the tally of Valorant’s Controllers to five.  

By completing Harbor’s contract challenges, besides unlocking him, you’ll also gain access to: 

  • 3 sprays 
  • 2 player cards 
  • 1 gun buddy 
  • 2 player titles 
  • 1 skin for the Sheriff 

What’s included in Valorant Episode 5 Act 3’s battle pass? 

Though you’ll have to wait until next week to see what’s fully included in Act 3’s battle pass, you can still get a sneak peek of all the brand new cosmetics set to hit the game. 

Riot Games has revealed that the battle pass’ theme is inspired by Harbor’s adventurous nature. For example, one of the new skinlines, called Iridian Thorn, will give your weapons a style that combines the aesthetics of ancient technology and a rare flower.  

In the same manner, another skinline, called Starlit Odyssey, is inspired from adventurers using the stars to navigate their way to their destination. 

The Starlit Odyssey skinline for the Vandal (pic: Riot Games)

Here are some highlights of Act 3’s free and premium battle pass versions: 

Free battle pass: 

  • Simple Instructions spray 
  • Unearthed: The Mask player card 
  • Astral Conduit player card 
  • Can’t Break Me gun buddy 
  • Corbin’s Light gun buddy 
  • Starlit Odyssey skinline for the Ghost (with all its variants!) 
  • ¡VAMOS! player title

Premium battle pass: 

  • Starlit Odyssey skinline for the Vandal (with all its variants!) 
  • Iridian Thorn skinline for the Operator  
  • Rune Stone skinline for the Odin 
  • Breach’s Approval spray 
  • Grand Designs player card 
  • Shell Song gun buddy 
  • Iridian Thorn skinline 

So, now that you know what to expect when Act 3 goes live early next week, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the current Act’s last few days without wondering what’s next. 

With the new Pearl map here to stay, now would be a good time to practice and try to adjust to the new surroundings, before you’re called to master yet another Agent in Valorant.

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