WATCH: Bobby Blythe Karate Dojo Accident Video Explained on Twitter and Reddit
Posted by  badge Boss on May 31

The job of the teacher is quite significant in our lives, particularly the life of the student. If these professors are delivering the wrong directions to their pupils or to any inspired person who appears like a God, then they have a large duty to change the behavior that they model for their students. One case has been decided, and it demonstrates that the incorrect things are being done. Let’s talk about everything, and keep in mind that people are eager to learn all of the uncovered truths.

Bobby Blythe

The Video Explanation of the Bobby Blythe Karate Dojo Accident

Bobby Blythe is a man who is very sKi**ed in the martial art of karate. He instructed a large number of students, all of whom participated in his karate courses. He is in charge of the karate lessons. He assigned the wrong instructors to the student, who is now a Black Belt and has won several awards at a variety of competitions, but he should have known better. During that time, videos were being recorded, and soon after, they went viral. In this video, it can be seen quite clearly that he gave incorrect orders, which forced him to almost murder an opponent who did not have a mental problem or a disability. This video was captured on Bobby Blythe’s mobile device when he was out and about.


The opponent in this video follows all of the rules of karate and shows respect in a disciplined manner; yet, Bobby and another individual who’s identity remains unknown verbally insult him throughout the match. This film is somewhat outdated and first became available to the public in the year 2009. The instructions given by Bobby to the disabled man resulted in terrible injuries to the man, and the proprietor of this karate class is Dumfries, who is also an expert in the martial art of karate.

Twitter and Reddit accounts for the Bobby Blythe Karate Dojo

In the beginning, a crippled guy filed a lawsuit against him and accused him for his treatment; however, after a few days, he took the case back, and he does not want to raise any concerns at this time. According to the information provided by our sources, law enforcement officials spoke with Bobby and questioned him extensively about the recent incident. He informed the authorities that he had come to the conclusion that he will be retiring from the karate lessons and that he will no longer provide any karate instruction or training to interesting persons.

Their video quickly gained popularity across a wide variety of social media platforms, including YouTube, Reddit, and many others. There have been a lot of different responses observed in this video, and the general public is quite furious and stands in solidarity with the man who was harmed; however, this case has been closed by moving away from the victim. “Jesus Taught Me” is the name of the video, and Bobby is the one who gave it the name. The total length of time for this video is six minutes. There were certain news networks who broadcast this on their own channel, but after some time had passed, their audience had forgotten all about it.