What Happened Between The TikTok Star Jake Fuller And Taylor? Catfish Drama Explained
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 15

Jake Fuller, a popular TikTok user, was the subject of last night’s Catfish show, but who is he? Learn more about the online identity.

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If you had watched yesterday night’s show, you would have seen TikTok star Jake Fuller being catfished by a lady he met on Instagram.

Since around ten years ago, many potential customers have relied on Nev Schulman and the MTV series Catfish to identify online users.

If those people are indeed who they say they are and the ones they have been corresponding with online.

Jake Fuller, a TikToker, had met Taylor on Instagram and wanted to know more about her, so he knew he should get in touch with him.

Jake claimed to have fallen in love with Taylor despite the fact that they had never spoken on the phone or in video chat, just like almost everyone else on the show.

Jake Fuller

What Happened To TikTok Star Jake Fuller And Taylor On MTV’s “Catfish”?

The TikTok celebrity Jake decided to get in touch with Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford after growing uneasy about a woman he was corresponding with on social media.

“Taylor” allegedly covered her camera during their FaceTime calls and frequently ghosted Jake.

Jake asked for help since he was curious about the person behind the camera.

Jake eventually met Amanda, the real person hiding behind the images, who turned out to be Taylor, a made-up identity.

She explained to Jake that she had trouble making friends and had been bullied in high school.

Taylor used to look for Jake and other inspirations to expose her to the “hip” crowd. The situation is not all Amanda’s fault, though.

More On Jake Fuller and Taylor Catfish Drama

Even though Amanda appears to have deleted her Taylor account, Jake is still trying to make a name for himself on social media.

The teen, who has over 1 million followers right now on the TikTok app, is well-known for his comedic personality and lip-sync videos.

Even though Jake is a student at the University of Tennessee right now, he continues to produce new content for his audience.

Jake said on his Instagram Story after Jake’s Catfish episode aired, “Oh my God, that was actually a year ago.

We therefore have faith that the content producer will pick up a few more admirers as a result of his appearance on the MTV program.

The Catfish Episode About Jake & Taylor: What Had Happened?

Jake makes a cameo in a current, pre-Covid episode of the popular American TV show Catch.

After meeting Taylor on Instagram, he called Catfish presenters Nev and Kamie when he felt something wasn’t quite right.

He described how Taylor repeatedly ghosted him, kept her camera hidden while they FaceTimed, and even sent him money during the episode.

He asked the Catfish team if they could help him figure out who Taylor was.

In reality, Taylor was Amanda, who acknowledged to catfishing Jake since she had a hard time making friends.

She consequently hired famous people like Jake to speak with her. Jake wasn’t entirely culpable in this circumstance, though.

Amanda went on to say that he had even taken advantage of her.

Jake finally admitted that he shouldn’t have taken her money, and they ultimately decided to become friends.