On TikTok, who is @kur.tesha_? real name and bio on Instagram
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 15

On TikTok, who is @kur.tesha_? real name and bio on Instagram

@kur.tesha_ On TikTok

Kurtesha Figuera, a chemical engineer and technician, is well-known on social media. She goes by the handles @kurteshaf on TikTok and @kur.tesha_ on Instagram.

She runs a lash lab under the Instagram handle @lashlab bytesh_ and a perfume company under the alias @luxuryfragrancett. On her personal Instagram account, she has posted the Instagram username of her company along with a few cryptic details about her life in the bio section.

Let’s go over who @kur.tesha_ is on TikTok, her true name, and other information from her Instagram bio in light of all the reliable information that is currently available about the lash expert online.

On TikTok, follow @kur.tesha

The beauty expert occasionally uploads videos to her TikTok account showing how she improves the thickness and shape of her clients’ lashes. Additionally, it can be inferred from watching her TikTok videos that her preferred aspect of her profession is removing the tape from her clients’ undereyes after she has finished applying the lash extensions.

On her TikTok account, @kur.tesha_ routinely shares pictures of her toned body wearing body-con attire. In her TikTok videos, she does cosmetics because she is a cosmetologist. According to her TikTok bio, which reads, “High vibes only!” she seems me as a thoughtful person who enjoys raising her life’s energy and elevating it to a higher plane.

A sizable number of people follow the beauty expert on TikTok. Her TikTok account has a total of 22.5 thousand likes and 4166 followers.

What is the real name and age of @kur.tesha_?

Kurtesha Figuera is @kur.teshareal ‘s name; however, it is unknown how old the chemical engineer is in real life. She must be in her early 20s based on the events in her academic life.

She appears to be youthful, but she runs two enterprises. Figuera is the owner of the natural lash company with the Instagram handle @lashlab bytesh_. As of 10 July 2022, there are 1723 followers on the page. Along with her credentials, location, and contact information in the bio section, her received client evaluations, business policies, price list for her service, and booking process are all listed in the highlights of her page.

According to her Instagram bio, she is a “2x certified Lash Technician,” which suggests that she completed a course unrelated to her chemical engineering studies to earn her cosmetology license. One of @kur.teshaenterprises ‘s is this.

The other is her perfume company, which can be found on Instagram with the handle @luxuryfragrancett. As of July 10th, 2022, she had 182 followers on her business account. It can be assumed that she creates her items herself given that she graduated as a chemical engineer.

@kur.tesha_: Bio on Instagram

Kurtesha’s Instagram username, @kur.tesha_, contains a wealth of information on the web star’s life events because it lists her professional accomplishments, businesses, and loved ones.

On Instagram, she has 6533 followers and follows 1,842 accounts with a significant following. Because of her professional and academic credentials in the subject of beauty, it makes sense that the majority of the Instagram users she follows are in the specialty of the beauty sector. “Owner of @luxuryfragrancett @lashlab bytesh_” Engineer in chemicals “G.O.A.T ” Nicholas and Anthony She lists “AR” as her Instagram username.

In the highlights section, she has a video of herself giving a baby a bottle with the caption loml (love of my life). It cannot be confirmed that it is her chi