What James Bond bosses are really looking for from the next 007
Posted by  badge Boss on Jun 22
All eyes are on who could replace Daniel Craig as James Bond (Pictures: Rex / Getty / PA)

Ever since confirmed his exit from the franchise, all eyes have been on who could possibly replace him as the superspy.

There has beenin the build up to the untitled 26th film, with Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill and James Norton among those linked to all things 007.

Amid claims that , it was falsely reported that had been cast, with more .

While fans are desperately waiting for the star to be unveiled, exactly what producer Barbara Broccoli is looking for in her next action lead.

Speaking to Metro.co.uk before the release of No Time To Die, Debbie McWilliams – who has been in charge of – opened up about how the star-studded line-ups are shaped.

‘They have to be extremely charismatic, fit and prepared for their lives to change,’ she told us. ‘It’s not everybody who wants that kind of stardom.

Daniel played 007 in a handful of films (Picture: Eon)

‘In fact, Daniel has very much steered himself away from any of that, and I think he’s done that very cleverly. He hasn’t sought the limelight, he’s just been happy to do the job.

‘I think that you need to have a certain modesty and know whose shoes you’re stepping into.’

Barbara already had Daniel in mind to replace – whose last outing as 007 came in 2002 blockbuster, Die Another Day.

The Knives Out actor made his debut Casino Royal four years later, before filming Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been heavily linked to the part (Picture: Shutterstock)
Taron Egerton was recently named as the favorite (Picture: PA)

He announced that 2021’s as the spy, sparking the hunt for the next action hero.

Lifting the lid on how the casting process works on such a huge production, Debbie shared that the auditions are kept completely under wraps – even down to the material possible stars see beforehand.

‘We’re all very discreet and we give nothing away, and we let nothing out of our hands,’ she continued. ‘The audition process is quite different from any other film that I work on, in that we never, ever, ever use the script that’s being shot.

‘We always use an old script and take scenes that are either similar, or will give an impression or an idea of how the person will perform. Just to give us an idea on screen of what they sound like, what they look like.

Daniel hung up his tux in 2021 (Picture: Eon)

‘Particularly on this last one, I think a lot of people who worked on production didn’t even see a script. It’s kept close to our hearts.’

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‘I start by reading the script several times to get underneath it and see what’s required, and then delve into the dark corners of my mind to see who inspires me, and who I think would be right,’ Debbie said of her process.

‘Then if there aren’t any immediate, obvious solutions to that, then I go out and look for people.

His last outing as the spy came in No Time To Die (Picture: Eon)

‘That’s what’s been the great joy for me on the Bond films, particularly is that I’ve, over the years, been given carte blanche to go wherever I want to go.

‘So, if we’re filming in Germany, then I will go to Germany. And if I think that it’s a good idea to go to Paris to meet the leading ladies, then I go to Paris.

‘In fact, Paris has been one of our most fruitful casting areas. I’m always very open to suggestions, and I’m there and I’m available. We do meet lots and lots of people, but usually, it whittles down to two or three in the end for each role.’

You can find us hanging around near the Eiffel Tower from now on…