Who Are Sonoya Mizuno Parents Saya And Hajime Mizuno? Facts About House of the Dragon Mysaria Actress
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The cast of the popular television show House of Dragon includes Sonoya Mizuna. Sonyo is a British actor, ballerina, and model who was born in Japan. Her persona is described by HBO as shrewd and determined. She assumes the position of Prince Daemon’s trusted confidante and pleasure worker.

Sonoya trained as a dancer, but because to her uncle, she became interested in acting at a young age. She danced in the Scottish Ballet, had a brief modeling career, and wore Chanel and Alexander McQueen clothing.

In House of the Dragon, Mizuno’s character is a female prostitute who works in one of Westeros’ brothels and comes from a lower-class family. Many people were impressed by her performance in the first episode of the GOT prequel.

The relationship between Mysaria and Daemon Targaryen is well established, despite the fact that the more recent episodes of the drama have not yet been broadcast.

Mysaria was characterized by Mizuno as an independent woman and lone fighter. The actress added that her series character was different from the one in the books.

Sonoya Mizuno

Who Are Sonoya Mizuno Parents Saya And Hajime Mizuno?

Sonoya Mizuno was raised in Somerset, England, after being born in Tokyo. Her father is Japanese, while her mother is Argentinean with British and Japanese ancestry. The actress is therefore a mixed-race person.

Sonoyo had five siblings growing up, including Maria and Mia. She hasn’t published any images of her mum.

Her father was an art director in Japan, she disclosed in a 2022 interview with a well-known magazine. While serving as diplomats in Japan in the 1970s, her parents became friends.

In a previous interview, Mizuna expressed her love for her siblings, some of whom have already started families of their own.

Net Worth Of House Of Dragon Cast Sonoya Mizunos

Sonoya Mizunos, a member of the House of Dragon cast, is thought to be worth around $1 million.

The 2015 movie “Ex Machina” was Mizuno’s feature film debut (2015). The movie focused on a computer programmer who was hired to see how well artificial intelligence could imitate human behavior.

She appeared as a dancer in two movies the next year: the critically acclaimed “La La Land” and the independent “High Strung.” She was a cast member of Garland’s second film, “Annihilation.” Her participation in well-known films has aided in her financial success.

Sonoyo is not active on Instagram, thus we know very little about her way of life. She does, however, have a fan account.

House Of Dragon Cast Sonoya Mizuno

Does Sonoya Mizuno Have A Wife Or Girlfriend?

People are interested in Sonoya Mizuna’s partner after the first episode of House of Dragon.

Actor Chris Ping is Sonoya’s “lover” who she is most connected to. After all, the couple was chosen for supporting roles in the Crazy Rich Asians film as husband and wife.

Both critics and fans complimented the two’s chemistry, with some guessing that the supposed boyfriend and girlfriend were establishing a relationship.

Sonoya was 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 cm) tall, and Chris was 1.70 cm, but their romance never materialized.

Who is Sonoya Mizuno

Sonoya Mizuno is a well-known actress, model, ballet dancer, and internet celebrity. She was born in Tokyo, Japan, on July 1st, 1986. Sonoya became well-known thanks to her appearances in a number of films and TV shows. Her career as a dancer, model, and actor is what is most well known about her. Sonoyo’s work has attracted admiration since since 2012

Sonoya Mizuno’s Life and Education

Her birthday is July 1st, and she was born in 1986. Sonoya was born in the city of Tokyo in the country of Japan. Sonoya went to Somerset, England, not long after her daughter was born. This is the place where she spent her childhood. Sonoya was born in the United Kingdom and holds British citizenship. When she was just 9 years old, she realized that she wanted to become a ballet dancer and pursued that goal. Therefore, Sonoya became a student at the Royal Ballet School in London. It is stated that Sonoya attended the Royal Ballet School for a total of ten years and received her diploma from the institution. However, Sonoya gave up her dream of becoming a ballet dancer when she became 20 years old.

And Sonoya relocated so that she could pursue a career in acting and modeling. In terms of her education, Sonoya is a woman who possesses a high level of education. According to the sources, Sonoya completed all of her education in the location where she was born and raised.

Sonoya Mizuno Family, Parents, and Siblings

Both of Sonoya’s parents come from distinct ancestral lines. According to the accounts, Sonoya’s father is of mixed ancestry, having one foot in Argentina and the other in the United Kingdom. Sonoya’s father, on the other hand, is 100 percent native to Japan. Hajime Mizuno is the name of Sonoya’s father when he was alive. However, the identity of Sonoya’s mother has not yet been made available to the general public. During an interview that she gave in 2022 to a well-known magazine, Sonoya disclosed the fact that her father had previously held the position of art director in Japan.

In Japan, in the decade of the 1970s, Sonoya’s parents had their first encounter. During the course of the interview, she also disclosed that her siblings are the people in the world that mean the most to her. Regarding her family, Sonoya is the middle child of five, with three sisters and two brothers. Sonoya Mizuno has two brothers, and their names are Tomoya Mizuno and Jinya Mizuno. The names of Sonoya’s sisters are Saya Mizuno, Mariya Mizuno, and Miya Mizuno. Sonoya is of Japanese and British-Argentinian ancestry, however she was born in Argentina.

Sonoya Mizuno’s Physical Appearance, Height, and Weight

Sonoya presents a very appealing outward aspect to the n**ed.n**ed eye. She stands at a height of five feet and seven inches. Approximately 54 kilograms make up Sonoya’s total body mass. Sonoya’s eyes are also the same color as her hair, which is also black. Her demeanor is refined and sophisticated. Sonoya Mizuno is not only beautiful but also talented and brilliant. Sonoya has a beautiful face, and her grin is really endearing. She always looks fashionable. Her appearance is very alluring.

Sonoya Mizuno Career- Actress and Model

Sonoya began her career as a model when she was 20 years old. And she was able to collaborate with a number of different fashion businesses. She was given the opportunity to play the role of Venus in Eros in the film. In the film Venus in Eros, which was released in 2012, Somoya played the supporting part of a Forest Guard. In later years, she went on to appear in a number of films and television series. Sonoya Mizuno became successful in the modeling industry thanks to her many talents and skills. She has currently carved out a special place for herself in the entertainment world. In addition, Sonoya was a cast member in the dance film High Strung as well as the music video Wide Open. Sonoya is a multitalented woman who possesses a variety of skills. She is successful and someone to look up to.

Sonoya Mizuno’s Net Worth, Income Sources, and Lifestyle

The numerous sources of revenue for Sonoya Mizuno are acting, modeling, advertisements, and others. Sonoya receives a considerable amount of money through her acting career. According to the reports, Sonoya Mizuno’s projected net worth is over $2.5 million USD as of 2022. She is rich. Sonoya has not given any facts regarding her lavish lifestyle. But various news media agents have reported that Sonoya Mizuno likes to purchase pricey items including iPhones and sports automobiles.

Sonoya Mizuno’s Love Life and Boyfriend

As in the month of August in the year 2022, Sonoya is not married. She has not provided any information regarding her relationship status or boyfriend to the public at this time. Sonoya prefers to lead a relatively unnoticed life. As of the month of August in 2022, the sources claim that Sonoya is not dating anyone. Sonoya has a good relationship with Chris Pang, a well-known actor from Australia. In the movie Crazy Rich Asians, Sonoya and Chris Pang played the roles of a husband and wife. If you haven’t seen the movie, you should definitely check it out. They make a cute couple, she and Chris Pang. It would appear that Sonoya and Chris Pang have a connection to one another.

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Some Lesser Known Facts About Sonoya Mizuno

  • Sonoya Mizuno has been featured on the official page of Wikipedia
  • Sonoya is not present on any social media platform at the moment.
  • Sonoya likes to watch movies by sitting on the sofa with her cat.
  • Sonoya Mizuno is the niece of the famous stage actor, Edward Duke.