Who Are @taliyaandgustavo On TikTok? Taliya & Gustavo Influencing Social Media
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 19

Internet users have paid a lot of attention to Tiktok users @taliyaandgustavo. They are a couple with a large following on social media thanks to their engaging posts.

The internet has given people a platform to showcase their talents and inventiveness. Every day, more people are producing new content, which increases viewership.

Tiktok, an app for creating quick videos, is presently dominating the internet and has surpassed all other apps in terms of global downloads.

The younger generation has learned how to take advantage of social media and the internet. A couple of @taliyaandgustavo Tiktok users have become well-known in a manner similar to this.

Taliya Jordan and Gustavo Valencia

Who Are @taliyaandgustavo On TikTok?

The duo who produces unique video content and distributes it to people on TikTok is known by the handle @taliyaandgustavo.

They have 1.5 million followers, millions of views on their video, and thousands of likes. People like their firm and the distinctive video material they produce.

They also have 13.1k followers on Instagram, where they use the name @taliyaandgustavo, where they are active users.

They created a couple’s Instagram account on February 13, 2022, and in a relatively short period of time, they had garnered thousands of followers. The couple is liked by everyone due to their originality and entertainment.

They are well-known on social media, and Taliya & Gustavo is the name of their YouTube channel. They post funny videos and other intriguing videos on their YouTube channel, which has 28.9k followers.

Meet Taliya And Gustavo On Twitter

Although Taliya & Gustavo are active on Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube, they are not on Twitter. They both share an Instagram account where they publish images of their relationship and amusing videos.

“Video creator, Since 8/21/18,” is what they have put in their Instagram bio. They also each have individual Instagram accounts.

Gustavo has 9245 Instagram followers under the handle @official gustavo. Taliya, his girlfriend, has 14.4k Instagram followers under the account @taliyajordan.

Taliya has only posted two times on Instagram, whereas Gustavo has shared posts with her girlfriend.

Taliya And Gustavo Real Name & Age

The real names of the social media influencer Taliya and her boyfriend Gustavo are Gustavo Valencia and Taliya Jordan, respectively.

The pair hasn’t revealed their birthdates to the general world. When viewed together, they both appear to be in their mid-to-late 20s.

They both first met at their respective schools, and Gustavo shared a photo of them both graduating in it.

They both appear to be extremely content with one another in the photos Gustavo has shared with her girlfriend. Their admirers appreciate them both, as well as the videos they do together.