Who are the new Royal lookalikes on season 5 of The Crown?
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 09, 2022 - 09:24AM
Who’s in and who’s out – and do they look like their real-life royal counterpart? (Picture: Netflix/ Metro.co.uk)

As it travels through the decades, magics up more character regenerations than .

Every season or two, the whole cast is switched out for a brand new (and slightly older) set of royal lookalikes, and now the action has reached the 1990s, it’s high time for a reshuffle.

We’ve seen Her Majesty transform from to Olivia Coleman, Prince Phillip played by actor Matt Smith and Game of Throne’s Tobias Menzies, and King Charles grow from a chubby-cheeked toddler into a fittingly gangly Josh O’ Connor.

But which actors are next in line? And how do they match up to their blue-blooded counterparts?

We take a look at latest bunch of actors picking up the royal mantle in season five and see who’s got the look and who’s more of a passing resemblance.

Imelda Staunton as The Queen

Olivia Colman steps down as the Queen to make way for Imelda Staunton (Pictures: Netflix)

catches Lilibet’s stoic expression spot on. It’s just a shame that in scenes with the towering Philip and Diana she looks like she’s shrunk in the wash.

Lookalike score: 7

Elizabeth Debicki as Diana, Princess of Wales

Elizabeth Debicki Steps into Princess Diana’s shows, replacing Emma Corrin, left (Picture: Netflix)

She nails Diana’s famed pout and coy glance but, at a towering 6ft 3ins – five inches more than the real thing – Debicki makes the Windsors look tiny. But maybe that’s the point.

Lookalike score: 8

Dominic West as King Charles

Dominic West takes over from Josh O’ Connor, left, to fulfill the role of the future King (Picture: Netflix)

Here’s a Charles we could get steamed up about, talking tampons with Camilla, banging about thrusting change… But West’s resemblance to actual Charles is passing at best.

Lookalike score: 3

Jonathan Pryce as Prince Phillip

Jonathan Pryce, right, supersedes Tobias Menzies to portray Prince Philip (Picture: Netflix)

Pryce is only on nodding terms with Prince Philip looks-wise. But he gives such a persuasively cranky turn you forget what the actual Duke of Edinburgh looked like.

Lookalike score: 8

Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret

Helena Bonham Carter is out, Lesley Manville is in as Princess Margaret (Picture: Netflix)

Manville’s Mags is a sad, shrunken version of the former party princess. It’s when she lets the Queen have both barrels about past misdemeanours that she looks the part.

Lookalike score: 6

Marcia Warren as The Queen Mother

Marcia Warren has been cast as the Queen Mother, previously played by Marion Bailey, left (Picture: Netflix)

The make-up department clearly had run out of wigs and the fab Marcia Warren looks more QD Stores than QM. But she gives the character a twinkly verve that brings her to life.

Lookalike score: 0

Olivia Williams as Camilla

Emerald Fennell is replaced by Olivia Williams as Camilla (Picture: Netflix)

Olivia Williams disappears so completely into Camilla that I actually thought Camilla was playing herself. Come on, you wouldn’t put it past her.

Lookalike score: 10

The Corgis as The Corgis

Corgis Lily and Prince return to each of their respective, royal roles (Picture: Netflix)

Brilliant casting – they’re the absolute spit. Star corgis Lily and Prince demand cheddar cheese rewards during filming – getting through an entire block a day.

Lookalike score: 10